The College of Education

Sanchez BuildingHistory

The College of Education was founded in 1891 as the School of Pedagogy at The University of Texas at Austin.


The college is housed in the George I. Sanchez Building near the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd. and Congress Ave., just four blocks north of the Texas Capitol.

Core Purpose

To transform lives for the benefit of society and goodwill.

Core Values

  • Excellence: Expecting the highest level of achievement by students, faculty, and graduates
  • Leadership: Developing consensus, generating knowledge and ideas to solve pressing educational and social problems
  • Diversity: Embracing individual differences in every aspect of the educational process
  • Discovery: Expanding knowledge and human understanding
  • Innovation: Creating and testing new approaches and models for solving educational and social problems
  • Collaboration: Building relationships, nurturing partnerships, and enhancing opportunities
  • Service: Caring for others; addressing the needs and problems of society
  • Accountability: Accepting responsibility and evaluating effectiveness


The College of Education will be the preeminent place society will turn to solve the pressing problems facing education, including health and wellness, and the place of choice for the preparation of educational leaders.


The mission of the College of Education is to recreate the landscape of education by providing research-based programs to prepare leaders who will empower tomorrow's citizens as lifelong learners; developing and disseminating knowledge; and contributing innovative ideas and leadership to solve the problems of a diverse society.


  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Psychology
  • Special Education
  • Kinesiology and Health Education

Degrees Granted and Certification

  • Around 800-850 undergraduate degrees awarded annually (50 percent are B.S. degrees in applied learning and development and in kinesiology)
  • Around 370 master’s and doctoral degrees are awarded annually
  • About 500 students annually are recommended for Texas education certification through the State Board for Education Certification


  • 118 tenured/tenure track
  • 77 non-tenure track


  • 2,188 undergraduates enrolled (1,027 elementary education majors and 1,161 kinesiology and health education majors)
  • 1,276 graduate students enrolled


  • Book value of the college’s endowment is around $31 million (market value is about $51 million), with $13 million of that in faculty endowments, $12 million in student endowments and $6 million in program endowments

Research Expenditures

  •  Research expenditures were $59.8 million in 2015. The College was ranked #2 nationally in research expenditures by the U.S. News & World Report. For six years in a row, the College of Education was ranked #1 nationally in research expenditures.
Last updated on August 20, 2015