Conditioning for Competitive Athletics:  Track and Field, Running, Triathlon


Triathlon Training Program. Full Text PDF


            A One-Year Periodized Training Program for the Advanced High Jumper. Full Text PDF


The General Preparation Phase of a College 100m Sprinter. Full Text PDF


            How to Specifically Developed the Running Efficiency in the 400m Hurdles Event for an Elite Female Athlete. Full Text PDF


Training Specificity: Should Strength Training be Part of the Endurance Athlete's Training? Full Text PDF


Resistance Training Program for Conversion-to-Power Phase for Collegiate Discus Throwers. Full Text PDF

            Training Program for the 400m Sprint. Full Text PDF


            Twelve Weeks to Sub-2:22: A training program for a well trained runner to run 2 hours and 21 minutes for the marathon. Full Text PDF


International Distance Triathlon Training for a 30-yr old Moderately Trained Woman. Full Text PDF


            Training Program for Improving Performance in a Female Collegiate Cross-Country Runner. Full Text PDF


16 Week Training Plan for Imporving a Female Triathlete's Running Performance. Full Text PDF


The Training Program for a 400m-200m Sprinter. Full Text PDF


Designing a 5K Training Program. Full Text PDF


Guidelines for a High School Cross Country Coach: My 1993 Plan. Full Text PDF


A Pre-Competition Phase Conditioning Program for a Novice 10K Runner. Full Text PDF


A Sixteen Week Training Program for 10 KM Race. Full Text PDF