Teachers' Legacy Cycles

Jesus Gonzales
High School Math
McCallum High School

In Search of Proof

It teaches the basics of what a mathematical proof is and uses the Pythagorean Theorem as it's main example. Students will explore many proofs of this famous theorem and ultimately present a mathematical proof to the class. The major content objectives include being able to work with manipulating radicals, working with special right triangles, and understanding the Pythagorean proof.

T. Michael Word
Middle School Math
Kealing Junior High

Angie Seckar-Martinez
High School Math
McCallum High School

Exponential growth of the Starbucks

LEGACY cycle uses exponential growth of the Starbucks corporation as an example for teaching exponential growth and decay. Students will investigate several exponential models while researching data and trends that are specific to Starbucks. They will use their research to participate in a debate with they assume either pro- or anti-Starbucks in the community stance.

Planned implementation: March 29 – April 2nd.

Shelly Rodriguez
High School Biology
Crockett High School

Kelly Miller
High School Science
Crockett High School

Bioethics Legacy Cycle

Hydrilla Problem in Town Lake

Students will research the Hydrilla Problem in Austin's Town Lake. They will find proposed solutions to the problem and discuss the pro's and con's of each. Concepts that will be covered include those in ecology and plant anatomy and physiology.

Planned implementation dates: March 22nd – 29th.

Elaine Bohls - Graham
High School Science
McCallum High School

“Waves” is a LEGACY cycle that will have three challenges. In Challenge One, “It's a Wavy World”, students study the electromagnetic spectrum, wave types, and calculate the speed of a wave.

Planned implementation: February 3rd.

Carolyn McCormick
Bowie High School
In Search of the Perfect Diet

After students have completed their first LEGACY cycle that teaches them about nutrients in food, they will extend that study in the next challenge. “In Search of the Perfect Diet”, Challenge Two is where students will research and report on several popular diets and diet myths. This will be followed by a third challenge covering eating disorders and will culminate in the final challenge: the construction of the “Bowie Healthy Lifestyle Handbook”, and on-line resource for all students.

Planned implementation dates: Challenge Two will begin in the next two weeks.

Camie Fillpot
Middle School Science
O. Henry Middle School
Construct School Garden

Students will discover that different environments support different varieties of organisms. Through research and experimentation scaffolded by LEGACY, students will plan and construct a school garden.

Planned implementation date: April.

Leyla Cohlmia
High School Science
Austin High School
What is Happening in the Beaker

Students will be investigating both the qualitative and quantitative approaches to energy exchange. By explaining “What is Happening in the Beaker”, students will give their qualitative and quantitative analyses to different physical examples of energy exchange in chemistry.

Planned implementation date: April.