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Lesson Plan III: Create a Japanese Restaurant

Introduction to Students:

You and a group of friends have recently decided to open a Japanese restaurant in your hometown. In order to create a successful restaurant you must find a source of funding for it. You have found a local investor who is willing to invest a significant amount of money in your restaurant, but first, he or she needs evidence that it will be a realistic Japanese restaurant. To succeed you must do the following:

  • Decide what food you will serve. The food should be actual Japanese food.
  • Find information about the dishes you are going to serve.
  • Decorate your restaurant so that it attracts customers and has some characteristics of a Japanese restaurant.
  • Create a menu


This lesson is intended for four 45-minute periods.

Preparation that teachers have to do before the lesson

Teacher registration:

If you want to let your students use the notepad, the tool that your students can use to take notes on what they find as they explore virtual Tokyo, you need to register your students. If you do not want your students to use the notepad, you do not have to register, and have your students log in as guests.

If you want to register:

    1. Click “Register your class” in the homepage
    2. Register the teacher
    3. Register your student as groups: the optimal size of groups is 4 students. Give group names and passwords that are easy to remember. These names and passwords are for identifying the saved information that students collect over multiple exploration sessions, not for the purpose of security.

What to do in each class period

Day 1 (the first 45 minute period)

Start developing ideas for your restaurant: <Instruction to students> To begin, first you must meet with your group and then travel to Japan with your group for some research. Begin your exploration in virtual Tokyo and start developing ideas for your own restaurant.

  • Form groups of 4
  • Go to the URL that your teacher gives you.
  • (optional) Your teacher gives you a group name and group password. Login using that information.
  • See learners’ roles page and assign each member a role (geographer, historian, culinary specialist, and ethnographer)
  • Understand what kind of information you collect for your roles
  • Begin your exploration (go to Explore virtual Tokyo) First, find Japan on the world map.
  • Each member at least spends 5 minutes at the computer (other members watch). Each member picks one or more dish that he/she wants to serve at the restaurant. Remember that you are creating one restaurant as a group. Decide if you want to serve the same type of food, or different types of dishes at your restaurant.

Day 2 (the second 45 minute period)

Research about the dishes and developing the report: <instruction to students> Remember what dishes you picked when you were exploring virtual Tokyo in the previous period? Collect information to give your investor some background information on these foods to convince him or her that they are ideal foods to serve in a Japanese restaurant.

  • Find information for the dishes you picked for your restaurant. Each member collects information relevant for his/her role.
  • Inform others of the useful information for their roles if you see any
  • Discuss why you want to include those dishes in your restaurant. What is it about the dish that is likely attract American people? You may also want to consider altering a dish so that it caters to American people’s taste.
  • Select information that you want to include in the proposal to submit to the investor.
  • Write a proposal to submit to the investor
  • Add also any personal comments, ideas for variations, etc.

Day 3 (the third 45 minute period)

Developing ideas for restaurant building and menu <instruction to students> Now that you have written up a report to submit to the investor, you are pretty much ready to go back to the US. But wait. You may want to develop ideas for restaurant architecture and menu, since they would give more concrete image of the restaurant and help you convince the investor.

  • Look around in the Web site and find any architectural features that you want to incorporate in your restaurant building.
  • Draw sketches of the restaurant exterior and interior.
  • Decide what kind of information you want to include in the menu. Decide on the price for each dish.
  • Write a draft for the restaurant menu.

Day 4 (the fourth 45 minute period)

Present! <instruction to students> As a group, present your restaurant plan. Assume that one of your classmates is the possible inventor. Include the following information.

  • general description of your restaurant
  • Restaurant design (interior and exterior architecture)'
  • The reason why you picked those dishes
  • Important features about the food from the following perspectives (do not have to include all):
  • description of food
  • ingredients
  • recipe
  • history
  • nutritional value
  • interesting facts about the food
  • comparison with other food familiar to you
  • your personal comments

Submit!: Go to Submit Report page and submit your students’ work to share. Now people around the world can view your students’ work!