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Letizia (11), Italia

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Wrapping It Up


Wrapping It Up...It's good idea to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute to get things done. We suggest the following steps to take to wrap up the TIPS project.

  1. Review each of your contributions that have been posted on KIDSPACE. At the end of April/beginning of May, you should take one more look at what you've contributed, making any changes you think would reflect your final position on the topic.
  2. Complete the Final Self-Assessment (Self-Assessment 3) . This assessment is designed to help you reflect one last time on the contributions you've made and allow you one final chance to modify your response(s).
  3. Complete the Final Evaluation Questionnaire. This questionnaire will help us understand how the TIPS project helped you and give us ideas for modifying the project. It is also a signal for us to let us know that you have completed the project.

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