Welcome to the Developmental Motor Control Laboratory at the University of Texas, Austin

Director: Jody L. Jensen, Ph.D.

Location: Bellmont Hall, Room 546B

Equipment: The main laboratory is an 850 sq. ft staging area for movement analysis. The DMC Lab is equipped with a 5-camera Vicon 250 system with Broadway card for direct video capture, Bertec force plate, 12-channel EMG (Delsys) system, and Lido dynamometer. Current research applications involve the use of custom-designed bicycle pedals with embedded piezo-electric force transducers for recording pedal forces. The laboratory has numerous computer and video workstations. Adjacent to the laboratory is a waiting / receiving room for study participants. Lab meetings are also held here. Graduate students find a second home in the graduate student office across from the lab.

What's new?

  • The research link has been modified with updates and additions based on the last few months of our lab activity
  • Ann Newstead has submitted updated information on her page

Last site update: 2005.05.18 TLiu

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