Human Performance Laboratory

Director, Edward Coyle, Ph. D


The Human Performance Laboratory is directed by Dr. Edward Coyle and staffed by his graduate students including four doctoral candidates and seven masters degree candidates (see people).

Research Interest:

The Human Performance Laboratory investigates the physiological factors that regulate exercise performance in people. Much of the HPL's research continues to integrate the cardiovascular factors with the metabolic factors in muscle that determine the level of stress and fatigue experienced during exercise.

Current Research Projects:

    Cardiac output response during maximal exercise
    Does hyperthermia lower stroke volume independent of increasing heart rate?
    Sweat sodium losses during prolonged exercise
    Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and ellagitannin supplementation
    Sleep deprivation and cardiovascular and metabolic responses to maximal exercise
    Physical activity and post-prandial hyperlipidemia
    Muscle fatigue assessed by near infrared spectroscopy

Human Performance Lab Students 2008-2009