Weight Loss Express

What is Weight Loss Express?
Weight Loss Express is a 12-week, 45-minute interactive nutrition and weight loss education class.  This program is designed to educate participants on nutrition, physical activity, and behavior change concepts for weight loss.  Weight Loss Express is led by a Registered Dietitian and fitness expert.  It is designed to not only provide the knowledge of how to lose weight in an obesogenic environment, but also the resources and skills to overcome barriers to eating well and exercising.  Each participant will receive personalized dietary feedback and recommendations for change that fits their lifestyle and food preferences.   Each meeting will have optional weekly weigh-ins.  Class size is limited in order to provide more individual attention. 

When and Where is it?
The next 12 week session of Weight Loss Express begins on Wednesday, May 21st and will be offered in two different locations on the UT campus. We will offer one class on Wednesdays, BEL 858 12:15 - 1pm and Thursdays SSB G1.310 12:15-1pm. When you register for the program using the FIT Online Store, you will select your prefered class day.

If you are interested in holding Weight Loss Express in your department, building, or place of work, please contact FIT at (512) 471-0081 or Fit@austin.utexas.edu.

What are the Benefits?
Weight Loss Express is designed to assist the individual on the go.  It provides weekly accountability as well as a weight loss plan that fits each participant’s lifestyle.  Weight loss express is ideal for those that frequently travel, have overextended their time, and/or need help fitting in time to take care of their health.  All of the techniques and resources used in this class are based on the latest research and are intended to create safe and long term weight loss and exercise habits.

How Much Does it Cost?
Weight Loss Express is only $60 for all 12 weeks! In addition, participants in the Weight Loss Express will receive a 20% discount on all other services offered by the Fitness Institute of Texas.
*Proceeds may be used in general support of the College of Education.
*Optional food for purchase.

How Do I Sign Up?
You can sign up by calling our office at (512) 471-0081, or online at the FIT Online Store.

How Do I Pay?
You can come by the Fitness Institute of Texas located in Belmont Hall 966 or pay online with a credit card.