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The mission of the Fitness Institute of Texas (FIT) is to enhance the quality of lives through research, service, training and educational programs in physical activity, nutrition, and behavioral health.

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Get FIT Testimonials from our highly successful GET Fit Program

I'm 35 years old and a mother of two. I look as good as I did when I started college!

I'm proud to be a FITer and am happy to share my successes. I started FIT in January 2009 and since then have dropped and maintained a 20 pound weight loss with substantial gains in muscle. I'm continuing in FIT II (my fourth FIT rotation) because I actually enjoy the exercise now. I never imagined in a million years that I would ever say that I enjoy and look forward to working out, but that's one of the best things about the FIT program - it made me an exerciser! I did ballet until I was 14 and never did any other exercise beyond that, so to say that I am an exerciser now is a big deal.

I LOVE Get Fit!!! I love the variety of exercises and that it is pure movement. I hate all the exercise gimmicks that are 'out there' now. I did not do so well the first session in terms of weight loss because I didn't stick with a diet - I still developed more muscle - but that taught me. Through dieting and exercise I have gone from 169 pounds to 158 pounds and am still losing. I feel like my body fits together better and I feel so much better and sleep much better. I will be 59 in August and Get Fit helps with the stiffness of older age. I trust and admire all the trainers too. I am a nurse and I appreciate the evidence-based approach they use. It's the best exercise program in which I have ever participated!

I started with no get up and go, and I guess my mood was a little low. After the class I felt challenged and energized with a better perspective on my own capabilities. I didn't lose much weight - certainly not at first but man, do I have more energy and get around better.

When I started Get Fit, I had been taking iron (both pills and infusions) for several years to control some internal bleeding that many doctors (including Mayo Clinic) had been unable to locate. After a 12-week Get Fit program, my iron level was normal for the first time in three years. Six months later, that's still true.

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