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Where Should Our Nation Begin in

Removing the Racial Prejudice Bug?

As students, we need take responsibility and educate ourselves to the realities of racism in the United States. 
Textbooks often fail to ask controversial questions, or they remove the unsettling truths of our government and our society's role in the unfair treatment of African Americans.

Where Do We Begin?

This website sets out to enable a critical observer to address accurately and appropriately the treatment of Africans in the United States.  Photos, cartoons, memoirs and social commentary invite viewers to analyze, interpret, and evaluate the history of African-Americans in the national narrative in order to develop constructive arguments, form balanced conclusions, and use problem solving skills to assess racial issues in current events. 
Racism survives through silence, and consequently, ignorance.  People need a variety of resources to facilitate mature discussions on historic issues like the treatment of slaves, segregation, the impact of the Civil Rights Movement, and the assumed social roles present among the participants of slavery. 

Racism Blurred or Omitted

Textbooks  distributed in public schools, and often the curriculum driving state organized history departments, fail to present a consistent analysis of the United States government, society, and economic institutions that are guilty of perpetuating unfair opportunities and handicapping the progress of African Americans, for the sole and ignorant reason that "color" could separate those who deserved and those who did not.  The misrepresentation of racism in high school textbooks, encourage the students (who represent the future generation) to accept the fact that while ending the institution of slavery and creating "equality" through the Civil Rights movement may have "leveled the playing field" according to outsiders, the truth of racism that continues to enslave some needs to be addressed and discussed.