policemen checking passbooks
Image 1: Police officer checking passbook.

Why is there a crowd of people gathered around the police officer?

 Image 2: Crowds fleeing from bullets on the day of the Massacre.   

The focal point of the photo is two young boys running while holding hands. Do you think this photo was more widely shown due to this feature?

From "The Sharpeville Massacre."
people fleeing towards camera

mass funeralImage 3: Mass funeral

Why do you think the victims are laid out in this manner?
What emotion do you think the photographer was trying to convey?

From "The Sharpeville Massacre."

Image 4: Police line with Saracen truck

Why are the police officers sitting on the truck?
Do you think the police officers are providing protection or guarding the other individuals?
From who's perspective was the picture taken? Why do you think this is the case?
police line with saracen truck

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