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photo of female welder

Welders Alivia Scott, Hattie Carpenter, and Flossie Burtos
Photo Courtesy of The National Archives: http://www.archives.gov/research/african-americans/ww2-pictures/images/african-americans-wwii-252.jpg

Describe the people in the photo.
Do these people seem happy with their work?  Proud?
Do you think that this is typical work for women?

Domestic Worker

Domestic Worker in Atlanta, Georgia
Photo Courtesy of National Women's History Museum

How do you think this woman feels about her job?
Does this seem to be a labor-intensive job?
Is the fact that this woman is working in the South significant?  Explain?

training ladies

Juanita Gray
Photo Courtesy of The National Archives: http://www.archives.gov/research/african-americans/ww2-pictures/images/african-americans-wwii-250.jpg

What is happening in the picture?
What do you think is his ethnicity, and does it matter?
Could it be considered a form of reinforcing Jim Crow laws if he were white?  Explain.
Does this photo imply that African American workers worked separately from white workers?

training school

Training School
Photo Courtesy of The National Archives: http://www.archives.gov/research/african-americans/ww2-pictures/images/african-americans-wwii-156.jpg

What is the object that this woman is working with?
Is the job that this woman is doing somehow related to the first picture?
Look closely at the photo.  By looking at the background, what is she going to do with the object?