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Executive Order 8802
Courtesy of FDR Library

Who wrote this document?  When was it written?
What is the purpose of this document?
Does this Executive Order apply to women?  How do you know?

domestic workers poster
Courtesy of The National Women's History Museum

Who is the intended audience?
What are the demands of the workers?
Compare the demands of the workers in the poster with the demands of domestic workers today.

What conclusions can be drawn about domestic workers' working conditions before this poster was drawn up?

newspaper article
Courtesty of:

Who is the subject of the article?
Was this article meant to influence a certain group of people?  If so, who?
Does this newspaper article show any biases?  If so, explain.

Home Front Pledge
Courtesy of About.com

Read the text carefully.  What does it imply?
Do you think this poster is related to the photographs?  Why and why not?
What is the purpose of this poster?