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Director: Julie Babler, 512-232-4121


The Office of Communications is one of the newest innovations at the College of Education. Our team mission is to reinforce and promote the identity and voice of the College through integrated marketing, media and public relations, web messaging, and multi-media journalism. We are an office of experts who consider themselves primary advocates for the researchers, teachers, students, and staff at one of the world’s leading educational institutions. Learn more about our work and how you can benefit from the myriad of services offered in support of the College of Education’s departments and programs.


  • Communications collateral
  • Website development
  • Web content and design strategy
  • Feature stories
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Press releases

Who we are

Julie Babler - Director of Communications

With a background in graphic design and messaging, Julie leads our team as the Director of Communications. Aside from a few pit stops in advertising, her 17-year career has focused on higher education. She knows her way around a swatch book, can bring personality to the most mundane topics, and will talk for days about her favorite fonts. However, she won’t put anything on the page, digital or print, without addressing the strategy behind each piece of work.

Areas of expertise:  Brand strategy, editorial design, communication, typography, integrated marketing
Awards: Communication Arts, PRINT, CASE and Addy awards; B.S. Graphic Communications

Sibyl Kaufman - Marketing Coordinator

Thanks in part to her global travels, Sibyl is an expert at crafting creative messages for diverse and traditionally hard-to-reach audiences.  Her experience ranges from data management for a national education non-profit to professional classical singing.  When she’s not patching paper cuts after a run-in with the AP Stylebook, you can find this amateur rower with her crew on Lady Bird Lake, floating a wall in her and her husband’s new/old house, or elbow-deep in dirt in her vegetable garden.

Areas of Expertise: Strategic messaging, project management, translating hard data into meaningful narratives and persuasive calls to action
Awards: National Council of Teachers of English Award for Writing, M.A. in International Relations and Communication

Kay Randall - Communications Coordinator

A 14–year veteran of public affairs and communications at The University of Texas, Kay is our tapped-in communications coordinator. She deftly connects the dots between the media and the university. Not to mention being a skilled wordsmith who has covered such diverse topics as the plight of the Romanis, business psychology and singing bats.  With previous experience as a middle school language arts and Texas teacher history teacher, Kay relishes the way her work in the College of Education allows her to connect her love of writing and education.

Areas of Expertise: Writing, editing, communications strategy development, social media management   
Awards: M.A. in English

Albert Degollado - Web Developer

Albert is our award-winning web developer and strategist. He possesses a burning passion for streamlining and refining the complexities of the multi-layered information highway.  Code is Albert’s second language. He’s so dedicated to his craft that he occasionally spends off time bolstering his knowledge of iOS apps. Albert fires our technical synapses with a wealth of forward-thinking skills built around big picture ideas and flawless design.

Areas of Expertise: Digital strategy, website development, ideation, problem solving, analytics
Awards: Silver Addy and Webby website design awards

Jason Gelt - Informational Writer

With a decade’s worth of print and online media experience in his background, Jason is a detail-minded writer with a love of concise storytelling and precise verbiage. When he goes to sleep at night words dance behind his eyelids. He has performed staff writing duties for numerous publications and handled content production for two global event websites. As public information officer for LA’s BEST after school program he gained a keen understanding of the importance of education and its impact on our communities.

Areas of Expertise: Reporting, feature writing, blurb writing, storyboarding
Awards: B.A. in English

Christina Murrey - Videographer/Photographer

Christina is the visual storyteller of our team, expertly capturing and crafting pictures and videos that bring the College of Education to life.  After nearly a decade working within university environments, Christina knows exactly how to create a comfortable space for professors and students to be themselves and become a part of the school’s shared narrative.  Those lucky enough to find themselves in front of Christina’s lens (70-200mm F2.8 telephoto) will soon discover her infectious optimism and unshakeable devotion to the feline species. 

Areas of Expertise: Photojournalism, videography, multimedia production
Awards: Counsel for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Gold and Silver award winner; Fulbright Scholarship recipient, Bolivia; M.A. in Photojournalism