Rochlen appointed Chief Academic Information Officer May 17, 2012

Dr. Aaron Rochlen

Dean Manuel J. Justiz is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Aaron Rochlen, an associate professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, to the position of Chief Academic Information Officer in the College of Education.

In addition to his other responsibilities Rochlen will oversee a redesign of the main College of Education website, with a launch of the new site scheduled for early 2013. Rochlen will be collaborating with the college’s web staff, Learning Technology Center and the university’s marketing and creative services staff to complete the project. He recently spearheaded the successful redesign of the Department of Educational Psychology’s website.

Rochlen also will serve as a faculty liaison to the college’s development office, assisting in some of the promotion and outreach activities related to alumni and resource development.

“Dr. Rochlen has very generously offered his time and expertise to execute this sizable web project, and we’re so pleased to have someone with his skills and excellent ‘eye’ take on this task,” said Kay Randall, communications director in the College of Education and Office of the President. “The redesign represents much more than a cosmetic tweak – we anticipate that the changes will make the site easier for our multiple audiences to use and boost its value as a marketing resource.”

Dr. Rochlen has extensive media experience, having been interviewed by a range of major print and broadcast media outlets, and he is viewed nationally as one of the top scholars in the field of men and masculinity. Rochlen has also been the recipient of numerous research and teaching-with-technology awards. In addition, he serves as Director of the Communications and Technology Board for a division of the American Psychological Association.

Commenting on his new role, Rochlen said, "Our College currently is ranked number one in the country among all public universities. I believe our website and all efforts to promote our work should reflect that elite status. I’m looking forward to strengthening our web presence and building bridges between the College of Education and the community, alumni and the world.”

Last updated on May 17, 2012