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I'm Alexandra Loukas, I study adolescents health

at the College of Education at the University of Texas Austin.

Adolescence is challenging and what I'm trying to understand

is why some kids act out during those years while others don't.

I'm particularly curious about the roles of families and schools

and how they protect adolescents from acting out.

My focus is on families and schools because they have

the greatest impact on adolescents development.

What I study is how kids feel about their family relationships

and also their connectedness to their school.

School connectedness includes feeling like you belong at the school,

your level of closeness to teachers and peers at the school

and also feeling safe at the school.

We all ready know family relationships, good quality family relationships

in school connectedness can protect adolescents from acting out.

What my research shows is that school connectedness can actually

compensate for poor quality family relationships.

Now this is important because it shows that schools have

important function to play that goes well beyond academics.

The feeling of being connected, of being part of a school,

inspires kids to live up to expectations of people at the school.

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Last updated on May 31, 2013