Attention! College of Education Faculty

Panel on Promotion and Tenure,
College of Education
Sponsored by the Gender Equity Council

will be held on February 12, 2013, 11am - 12:15pm
In Cissy McDaniel Parker Dean’s Conference Room

Welcome: Marilyn Kameen, Senior Associate Dean

Brief Overview: Sharon Vaughn

Panel Speakers (recently promoted):

  • Keffrelyn Brown, C & I
  • Julian Helig, Ed Admin
  • Tasha Beretvas, Ed Psych
  • Brian Farr, Kinesiology & Health Ed

In attendance will be members of the COE’s Promotion and Tenure Review committee who will be available during the Q & A portion of the panel:

  • Sharon Vaughn
  • Ed Coyle
  • Jo Worthy
  • Ruben Olivarez
  • Stephanie Rude

Please RSVP! We need a count of folks attending because WE ARE PROVIDING FOOD.

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