Health Promotion

Health Promotion (HP) is an interdisciplinary field focused on preventing negative health outcomes and promoting optimal health through individual, organizational, and community change. Graduates will be prepared for careers in community health promotion, university/college health promotion, government agencies, voluntary health agencies, health care settings, corporate fitness and wellness centers, and fitness rehabilitation.

Degree Plans and Four-Year Guides:

Available catalogs: (14-16) PDF
(12-14) PDF
(10-12) PDF
(08-10) PDF

The first and second year course listings in these documents are to be used as guides to assist you with selecting a schedule, and should be used with the degree plan. These courses can be taken during the fall, spring or summer terms. Twelve to fifteen hours are recommended during the fall and spring semesters.

Guides: (14-16) PDF
(10-12) PDF
(08-10) PDF
Create your own four-year plan using this PDF

Health Professions Preparation:

Students majoring in Health Promotion may be interested in pursuing some of the allied health professions upon graduation. These students must complete their Health Promotion degree requirements, plus the prerequisites for the allied health profession of their choice. With careful planning, it is very possible for our majors to graduate within four years, including the addition of the allied health prerequisites. For more information on allied health professions, please visit the Health Professions Office.

Minors and Specializations:

Students in Health Promotion are required to choose either a minor or specialization in order to complete their degree requirements. A student can minor in almost any subject offered at The University of Texas at Austin, aside from Kinesiology. Some of the most popular minors for a Health Promotion major include biology, business, communication, nutrition, psychology or sociology. Students who are interested in furthering their education in Kinesiology are encouraged to choose a specialization. The Department of Kinesiology and Health Education offers eight specializations. For details, please visit our KHE Specializations page.

Foreign Language Requirement:

Students majoring in Health Promotion may choose one of three options to fulfill the foreign language requirement:

  1. Complete second semester proficiency at the college level in any language other than English
  2. Take an exam to reach second semester proficiency in any language other than English
  3. Complete three of the foreign language substitution courses from our approved list (PDF).
Last updated on June 25, 2015