Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Post-baccalaureate certification programs are designed for individuals who already hold bachelors' degrees and who wish to earn teacher certification. The courses taken for the Post-baccalaureate program do not lead to a degree. Instead, completion of the program qualifies students to take the required state certification examinations.

If you have already earned a baccalaureate degree from a college or university in the United States** and are seeking teacher certification:

  1. Apply for admission to The University of Texas at Austin as a transfer student. For an application or information about the process and the major code for which you would apply, contact the Office of Admissions at UT Austin. Admission deadlines for former UT Austin students are May 1 for summer, July 1 for fall, and December 1 for spring. For students who have never attended UT Austin, admission deadlines are March 1 for summer or fall, and October 1 for spring.
  2. Depending on what coursework you are lacking for certification, you may be ready to apply to the Field Experiences Office, SZB 294, for admission to the Professional Development Sequence (deadlines are March 1 for fall admission and October 1 for spring admission). However, some certification programs have a Professional Development Sequence that starts in the fall only, and one has a Professional Development Sequence that starts in the spring only. This is a separate application from the application for admission to The University. The Field Experiences Office can be reached at (512) 471-1511.

** Students who have earned their baccalaureate degree from a college or university in a country other than the United States will be required to complete about 30 additional semester hours of general education coursework.

Post-baccalaureate certification programs offered through the College of Education:

Post-baccalaureate options exist for certification in computer science, math and science at the Middle Grades and Secondary level through the UTeach program in the College of Natural Sciences.

Post-baccalaureate programs in English language arts and reading, history, languages other than English, and social studies are available in the UTeach Program in the College of Liberal Arts.

Post-baccalaureate programs in EC-12 Art, EC-12 Music, and EC-12 Theatre are available through the College of Fine Arts.

Last updated on August 14, 2012