New Master’s Degree in Special Education with Teacher Certification

UT College of Education’s Top-Ranked Department of Special Education Launches New Master’s in Special Education (High-Incidence Disabilities) with Teacher Certification

The University of Texas at Austin College of Education’s top-ranked Department of Special Education now offers two master’s degrees in special education with specialization in High-Incidence Disabilities. The first option is a new program that allows you to earn a master’s degree and become a certified special education teacher. This first option takes about a year and a semester to complete. The second option, which does not include special education teacher certification, is a one-year program and exposes you to best practices in working with students with high incidence disabilities.

What are High-Incidence Disabilities?

High-incidence disabilities include diagnoses such as reading and mathematics disabilities; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; problem behaviors like aggression, non-compliance, struggles listening and following directions, staying on task, and organization; and mild autism spectrum disorders and mild intellectual disabilities. Our program prepares you to be the person to help these students be successful in classrooms, in their education, and in their lives.

What You’ll Learn and Who You’ll Learn From

The Department of Special Education at the College of Education is ranked number 4 in the country. Here, internationally renowned faculty who are top researchers in their fields will be your instructors. And that matters. Our professors and scholars are conducting cutting-edge research that they put into practice, offering you the best education to help students that need it the most. You’ll learn to systematically analyze and evaluate evidence-based practices, and engage in data-driven decision-making to become proficient at understanding and conducting research, which will allow you to be become a scientist-practitioner. Our program also places special emphasis on preparing special education teachers to work with culturally and linguistically diverse learners and their families, combining rigor with relevance.

And you’ll be supported every step of the way, applying what you’ve learned through field experiences under supervision of some of the best faculty in the country. 

Take a Step Toward Your Future

Our program accepts undergraduates from nearly any field as well as returning students who are seeking an advanced degree and are looking for a more fulfilling, meaningful career. Special education students need you. To answer the call and make a difference, visit our webpage or email Dr. Diane P. Bryant.

Please visit HERE for application and admissions information as well as upcoming due dates.

Last updated on November 18, 2015