Housing and Food Service Employees Know Their Numbers October 15, 2013

To promote health awareness on campus, the Division of Housing and Food Service Wellness Team – along with the College of Pharmacy’s Project Collaborate - administered free health screenings to 170 Housing and Food Service employees from September 26 – October 4 at Duren Hall, Jester Center, and University Apartments. Screening services included:

Director of Housing and Food Service, Dr. Floyd Hoelting, discusses his blood work at the screening

Blood Pressure · Blood Glucose · Cholesterol · Perceived Stress · Back Health

The health screenings are the first step of the two-part Know Your Numbers program, which seeks to educate Housing and Food Service employees on their health numbers and how to improve them.  Classes will be offered in the following areas:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Stress
  • Back Health

These classes are offered in fall semester, and help employees improve their quality of life through health education.  They are also available online (in both English and Spanish). Employees who attend the health screening, in addition to each of the classes listed above, will receive a free Know Your Numbers DHFS Wellness polo shirt.

The DHFS Wellness Team (pictured below) organized the screenings and administered the perceived stress, blood pressure, and back health screenings, while students from the College of Pharmacy’s Project Collaborate performed the blood glucose and cholesterol screenings.  Also instrumental to the screenings’ success were Philemon Brown, Gloria Allen, Mohammed Alkatan and Wonil Park

The DHFS Wellness Team. Standing (L-R): Matt Lehrer, Molly Abrams, Dr. Mary Steinhardt, Dr. Floyd Hoelting; Kneeling (L-R): Irving Calderon, Neesha Bukht, Cali Lindstadt, Mariella Turcios, Josias Ocampos, Stormie Wilfong


Last updated on October 30, 2013