Sport & Life Quality Laboratory

The Sport & Life Quality Laboratory (SLQL) at the University of Texas continues to produce exceptional research that promotes and enhances life quality for families and communities through sport. SLQL work this year encompassed a variety of projects with both practical and theoretical significance. Yen-Chun Lin examined the development of parental sense of community in youth sport leagues. Her work has demonstrated the centrality of sense of community for the successful functioning of sport clubs and leagues. It has been presented internationally, and it is also being reviewed for publication. Darren Kelly’s work on mentoring college student athletes continues to thrive in conjunction with the University’s Division for Diversity and Community Engagement. Michael Newhouse-Bailey’s work on sport and the family, which he presented at the North American Society for Sport Management, showed how sport impacts family functioning, particularly in terms of time and resources for activities other than sport.  Joyce Olushola’s work on African-American girls in sport continues to document the benefits of sport for this population, as well as the structural and operational elements within sport programs that produce benefits. The SLQL, under the direction of Marlene Dixon, has also begun work with USA Football that will help uncover the pathways for girls’ participation in flag football, and the ways that flag can grow as a high school sport across the nation.

Last updated on November 2, 2012