Master's Program

The Sport Management Masters degree prepares students for carreers in sport industry.  The program provides a strong core of fundamentals covering management, marketing, finance, strategy, law and ethics.  It also enables students to complement that core by building a curriculem that is best suited to their personal goals and interests.  Specializations are offered in sport marketing, sport development, management of sport, and sport facilities and events.  It also offers an opportunity for students to design their own combination of classes (in conjunction with their faculty advisor) to address personal areas of interest.  Students can complete an internship to earn the MAster of Education (M.Ed.) degree, a thesis to earn a Master of Science (M.S.) degree, or both an internship and a thesis or report (which earns a M.S. degree). 

Masters Program Brochure

Criteria for Admission

Graduate Program Application Procedures

Last updated on November 2, 2012