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Mary Steinhardt


Health Behavior & Health Education


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Courses of Instruction
HED 373 Evaluation and Research Design
HED 395 Theories of Health Behavior

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The University of Texas at Austin
Health Behavior & Health Education
2109 San Jacinto Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78712-1415
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Dr. Steinhardt's research program explores the determinants and methods for building resilience and strength when challenged with change and stressful situations. Current research projects focus on promoting resilience-based diabetes self-management programs for African Americans (NIH Grant: 1R34DK085218-01A2), reducing teacher burnout among public school teachers, and enhancing the resilience of military soldiers and their families.




1978 B.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Health and Physical Education

1985 Ed.D. University of Houston, Curriculum and Instruction

1985-1986 Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Georgia, Curriculum and Instruction and Exercise Adherence

1999 M.A. Texas State University, Professional Counseling


Representative Publications

*Gloria, C. T., & Steinhardt, M. A. (in press). The direct and mediating roles of positive emotions on work engagement among postdoctoral fellows. Studies in Higher Education.  

Steinhardt, M. A., Brown, S. A., Dubois, S. K., Harrison Jr, L., *Lehrer, H. M., & Jaggars, S. S. (2015). A resilience intervention in African-American adults with type 2 diabetes. American Journal of Health Behavior, 39(4), 507-518.

Steinhardt, M. A., Dubois, S. K., Brown, S. A., Harrison Jr, L., *Dolphin, K. E., *Park, W., & *Lehrer, H. M. (2015). Positivity and indicators of health among African Americans with diabetes. American Journal of Health Behavior, 39(1), 43-50.

Brown, S. A., García, A. A., Steinhardt, M. A., Guevara, H., Moore, C., Brown, A., & Winter, M. A. (2015). Culturally tailored diabetes prevention in the workplace: focus group interviews with Hispanic employees. The Diabetes Educator, 41(2), 175-183.

*Dolphin, K. E., Steinhardt, M. A., & Cance, J. D. (2015). The role of positive emotions in reducing depressive symptoms among Army wives. Military Psychology, 27(1), 22-35.

*Gloria, C. T., & Steinhardt, M. A. (2014). Relationships among positive emotions, coping, resilience and mental health. Stress and Health. Advanced online publication: DOI: 10.1002/smi.2589 

*Gloria, C.T., & Steinhardt, M.A. (2013). Flourishing, languishing, and depressed postdoctoral fellows: Differences in stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Journal of Postdoctoral Affairs, 3(1), 1-9.

*Faulk, K.E., *Gloria, C.T., & Steinhardt, M.A.  (2013). Coping profiles characterize individual flourishing, languishing, and depression. Anxiety, Stress, & Coping, 26(4), 378-390.

*Gloria, C.T., *Faulk, K.E., & Steinhardt, M.A.  (2013). Positive affectivity predicts successful and unsuccessful adaptation to stress.  Motivation and Emotion, 37(1), 185-193. 

*Coffee, K., *Raucci, C., *Gloria, C., *Faulk, K., & Steinhardt M. (2013). Perceptions of adolescent wellness at a single-sex school. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, 51(6), 300-311. 

*Gavaza, P., Brown, C., Lawson, K., Rascati, K., Steinhardt, M., & Wilson, J. (2012). Effect of social influences on pharmacists’ intention to report adverse drug events. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, 52, 622-629. 

*Faulk, K.E., *Gloria, C.T., Cance, J.D., & Steinhardt, M.A. (2012). Depressive symptoms among U.S. military spouses during deployment: The protective effect of positive emotions.  Armed Forces & Society, 38(3), 373-390.

Steinhardt, M.A., Jaggars, S.E., *Faulk, K.E., & *Gloria, C.T.  (2011). Chronic work stress and depressive symptoms: Assessing the mediating role of teacher burnout.  Stress and Health, 27(5), 420-429. 

*Gavaza, P., Brown, C.M., Lawson, K.A., Rascati, K.L., Wilson, J.P. & Steinhardt, M.  (2011). Examination of pharmacists’ intention to report serious adverse drug events (ADEs) to the FDA using the theory of planned behavior. Research in Social & Administrative Pharmacy, 7(4), 369-82.

*Dolbier, C. L., Smith Jaggars, S. E., & Steinhardt, M. A. (2010). Stress-related growth: Pre-intervention correlates and change following a resilience intervention. Stress and Health. 26, 135-147. 

*Dimiceli, E. E., Steinhardt, M. A., & Smith Jaggars, S. E. (2010). Stressful experiences, coping strategies, and predictors of health-related outcomes among wives of deployed military servicemen. Armed Forces and Society, 36, 351-373.

*Gloria, C.T., & Steinhardt, M.A. (2010). Texas nutrition environment assessment of retail food stores (TxNEA-S): development and evaluation. Public Health Nutrition. 11, 1764-72.

* denotes current or former graduate student

Recent Awards

  • 2013–2016 Senior Provost Teaching Fellow, UT Austin
  • 2011 Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award, The University of Texas System
  • 2004 Selected to the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, UT Austin
  • 2003 Texas Excellence Teaching Award, College of Education, UT Austin
  • 2002 Recipient of the First Annual Dean's Distinguished Teaching Award, College of Education, UT Austin
  • 2002 Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma Outstanding Professor

Current Research Projects and Grants

National Institutes of Health, "Resilience-based Diabetes Self-Management Among African Americans" 3/2011-2/2013.

Research Interests and Expertise

Resilience based diabetes self management

Adaptation to stress


Boards, Committees and Associations

  • Board Member, American Academy of Health Behavior
  • Associate Editor, Armed Forces and Society