Roger Farrar

Roger Farrar


Exercise Science


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Office: BEL 822J
Monday and Wednesday 11:00 - 12:00 PM
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The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Kinesiology and Health Education
2109 San Jacinto Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78712-1415
UT Mail Code: D3700

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Dr. Farrar is Professor and Director of Exercise Science at the University of Texas at Austin.  He received his B.S. in Biology/minor in Chemistry at Tufts University and his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  Dr Farrar’s research interests are in the plasticity of skeletal muscle in various paradigms including aging, endurance and strength train, and in response to injury.  Most recently he has focused on muscle regeneration following three types of injury which include tourniquet-induced ischemia/reperfusion, muscle defect regeneration utilizing a decellularized extracellular matrix and progenitor cells, peripheral artery disease and eccentric damage.




1976 Ph.D. Univ. of Massachusetts - Amherst. Exercise Science


Representative Publications

Martin, J.C., R.P. Farrar, B.M. Wagner, and W.W. Spirduso. Maximal power across the lifespan. Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, 2000, Vol 55A, No 6. M311-M316

Gibson, B.J.Ong, J.W. Starnes, and R.P. Farrar. Effects of moderate and heavy ethanol consumption on myocardial recovery from ischemia. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. 22: No 9, 2086-2092, 1998.

Yaspelkis, B.B., A.L.Castle, R.P. Farrar, and J.L. Ivy. Effects of chronic electrical stimulation and ß-GPA on GLUT4 protein concentration in rat skeletal muscle. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 163:, 251-259, 1998

Farrar, R.P., K.A. Monnin, and T.J. Walters Alterations in skeletal muscle ß responsiveness to altered contractile activity during the aging process. Aging: Clinical and Experimental Reseach 9: 153-158, 1997

Bowles, D. Farrar, R.P., and Starnes, J.W. Exercise training improves cardiac function following ischemia in the isolated working rat heart. Am. J. of Physiology: (Heart & Circ.) 32: H804-H809, 1992

Current Research Projects and Grants

Department of Defense Small Business Initiative Research grant entitled “Electrophoretic Decellularization Bio-scaffolds (EDBS) for Large Volume Muscle Regeneration Applications”.

National Institutes of Health “Nanotracer Development to Track Stem Cell Therapy” Co-PI

International Association of Firefighters “ CPAT Revalidation”