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Jessica Duncan Cance

Jessica Duncan Cance
Assistant Professor

Health Behavior & Health Education

Jessica Duncan Cance, M.P.H., Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and... more

Upcoming Events

April 9-11, 14-18
Academic advising for continuing and readmitted students for the summer session and the fall semester.

Undergraduate Advising Office: 512-475-6146
Undergraduate Advising Office
Graduate Advising Office: 512-232-6015
April 16
BEL 962

Guest talk by distinguished researcher and best-selling author, Brian Wansink.  Details here.

Brian Wansink, Ph.D., John Dyson Professor of Human Behavior, Cornell University

April 25
Friday, 12-1PM
BEL 328
“Plasma to Playground: Physical Activity and Cognitive Health in Children and Emerging Adults”
Darla Castelli, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, University of Texas at Austin
May 7-10, 12-13
Final Exams
May 16
College of Education Commencement Ceremony
May 17
Commencement (official graduation date)