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Some of the undergraduate courses in the Department of Educational Psychology have a subject pool requirement. By virtue of being registered in EDP 310 (Individual Learning Skills), EDP 363, EDP 363M or EDP 371 (Introduction to Statistics), you become part of the Subject Pool. The subject pool requirement applies to all students enrolled including those taking these courses on a credit/no-credit basis.

Knowledge in our field can advance only through quality research involving humans. Computer simulations and animal research simply cannot provide sufficient and valid information about how PEOPLE learn, think, and act. Thus, this subject pool requirement enables researchers--faculty and graduate students--to conduct studies that we hope will ultimately benefit others in society. The importance of your assistance in this research--and our appreciation for your participation--cannot be overstated.

We also hope that serving as a subject in research also benefit you, as a participant. Through participation in a study, you will gain a firsthand understanding of research processes, allowing you the chance to practice your analytical and evaluation skills. These skills are useful in your coursework and in understanding the increasing use of social and behavioral research throughout our culture. Also, you may learn more about psychological constructs when you receive the feedback provided by the researcher at the conclusion of the study.

At the same time, in accordance with guidelines for the ethical treatment of participants, you should know that participating in any particular study is voluntary. Even once you've given consent to participate and begun a study, you can choose to stop participating. This is why we make available an alternate assignment, that also allows you to learn about research and that takes about the same amount of time to fulfill the subject pool requirement.

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Subjects' Rights

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Questions for Participants to Ask

Registration. Registration is the first step toward participating in a research study to meet your subject pool requirement. You will need to know the unique number of the EDP course or courses you are enrolled in.

Registration for the Fall 2013 semester is now closed.

Please direct any questions to Kadie Rackley, Subject Pool Coordinator, at edpSubjectPool@austin.utexas.edu.

Study Assignments.

Spring 2014 study assignments are now be available.

Alternate Assignment. If you do not register for the subject pool OR if you do register and then do not complete the studies you've been assignedy, you will need to do an alternate assignment in order to satisfy the subject pool requirement and prevent an incomplete grade in your EDP course(s).

Spring 2014 alternate assignment is now available.

Additional questions about the Subject Pool requirement should be directed to Kadie Rackley , Subject Pool Coordinator, at edpSubjectPool@austin.utexas.edu. Please do not ask your instructor.

Last updated on February 25, 2014