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(This page is for EDP faculty and graduate students wishing to use subjects from the EDP Subject Pool. Students wishing to participate in the EDP subject Pool should see the student page.)

In conducting original research and/or completing the dissertation, EDP faculty and EDP graduate students may request use of the Department’s subject pool if it provides an appropriate sample.

How to request subjects

Requests for Spring 2014 are now being accepted. Apply below. Deadline: January 29, 2014.

To request student subjects, you must submit your study information online through the EDP Subject Pool Study Administration website.

Subject pool makeup

Specialized subject requests

Conduct of the researcher

Subjects' rights

If you have any questions about a policy matter, please contact Diane Schallert (dschallert@mail.utexas.edu), EDP Subject Pool Committee Chair. If you have additional questions about how to gain access to the subject pool or about other procedures, please contact the Subject Pool Coordinator, Kadie Rackley (edpSubjectPool@austin.utexas.edu).

Last updated on January 7, 2014