Planning a trip? All UT faculty and staff must submit a Travel Request for any travel (personal or work-related) while on active appointment. Weekend-only domestic personal travel does not require a travel request. Travel Requests must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to departure.

Please follow the steps below for Travel:

1.   Who will be paying for the trip? 

 If using a UT account, you will need the account #. Contact Barbara Morris if you’re not sure which to use.

2.   Fill out a Travel Request Form and "assign" it to Jasmine Center.

3.   Using a Faculty Travel Grant?

 If so, you must complete a Faculty Travel Grant Application AND Travel Request Form. Both forms must be completed at the same time and "assigned" to JasmineFaculty Travel Grant requests must be submitted at least 1 month prior to travel due to a lengthy approvals process.

 4.   EDP will obtain approvals and contact you with any questions. 

 When approved, you'll receive a notification email with your RTA and DOC ID #s.

Note: For Faculty Travel Grants, approval comes in the form of 2 emails - the 1st is approval of your travel (RTA) in general, and the 2nd is approval of your Faculty Travel Grant funds. 

5.   Book your travel!

Flights: If a UT account will be used to pay for the trip, we recommend booking via UT’s Concur system or by calling one of UT's Travel Agencies so the charges can be direct-billed to UT. You’ll just need your RTA and DOC ID #s from your confirmation email to book.

Note: flights booked yourself online through the airline are reimbursable (after your trip), except for flights booked through non-UT travel agencies.

Hotel: Lodging is reimbursement-only.

Rental Cars: If a UT account will be used to pay for the trip, you can either book your rental car and turn in receipts after your trip for reimbursement, or see how to direct-bill rental cars here.

6.   Submit your receipts.

 If UT is paying for any of your travel, you must submit your itemized receipts to Barbara Morris for processing upon your return. Be sure to include receipts for anything direct-billed as well (e.g. flights)!

Note: we recommend you set up Direct Deposit for reimbursements. This is separate from payroll Direct Deposit.


Travel Topics & Resources

Cost-Cutting Tips

Faculty Travel Grant Program
If using the Faculty Travel Grant, both the Faculty Travel Grant application as well as the standard Travel Request Form must be submitted.

International Travel
Per the Chancellor's 2010 directive, any international travel reservations made through sources other than Concur or a contract UT agency (Anthony Travel / Corporate Travel Planners) must be entered by the faculty member into the ISOS database.

Submit a Travel Request
A Travel Request Form must be submitted in advance for each absence of a faculty member from his or her regular duties (HOP 7.28).

Travel Request Form instructions/help menu

Travel Management Services (TMS)

Contact TMS

Concur Login

Travel Planning

Traveler Profiles
Traveler profiles expedite the reservation process and keep you from having to give the same basic information each time you make a reservation. You should create a profile for every traveler you plan trips for and make sure the university’s contracted travel agencies have updated versions of these profiles on record.

Travel Reimbursements Policies & FAQ

Travel Request Policies & FAQs

Last updated on April 22, 2016