EDP Student Employment

The Department of Educational Psychology offers teaching assistant and assistant instructor positions to Educational Psychology graduate students each semester. These positions are primarily available to those students who are second-year-and-beyond. Recipients of half-time teaching or research assistantships are eligible for an exemption of the out-of-state portion of their tuition.

Student appointments as TA's, AI's, or GRA's may not exceed 20 hours per week during the first two long-term semesters of graduate study (or for international students in any semester) at UT-Austin. Appointments may not exceed 30 hours per week during subsequent long-session semesters. Exceptions to this policy require approval of the Graduate Adviser and Graduate Dean. Summer session TA/AI appointments are commensurate with the level of assigned duties and may be up to full-time.

TA's, AI's, & GRA's may not be appointed for more than fourteen long-term semesters at any one of these graduate student employee titles or combination of titles. Graduate student employees must also be registered for at least nine semester graduate hours during each long-term semester and for at least three semester graduate hours during any summer term.

Application Process

Students interested in academic student employment in Educational Psychology should first read Conditions for Student Employment from the Office of Graduate Studies.

Assistant Instructors. Students eligible for employment as Assistant Instructors should apply below for positions in EDP 310 5-STRAT LEARN FOR 21ST CENT and EDP 312 1-ISSUES/DEBATES IN LIFE DEVEL.

Teaching Assistants. Students interested in a Teaching Assistant (TA) position are encouraged to talk to the instructor of the course directly then complete the application below.

Graduate Research Assistants. Students interested in a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) position should read about faculty research interests and contact faculty directly.

Applications for Fall 2015 are now being accepted

Appointment Information

Appointment information for Fall 2015 will be available a few weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Last updated on May 5, 2015