Core Area Courses

All doctoral students in Educational Psychology, regardless of area of specialization, must demonstrate generalized competency. This is demonstrated by completing designated course work in each of two core areas: Methods Core Area and Content Core Area.

Methods Core Area

Primary Courses

  • One of the following statistics courses:
    EDP 482K Experimental Design and Statistical Inference OR
    EDP 382K Correlation & Regression
  • The following core psychometrics course:
    EDP 380P Psychometrics: Theory and Methods

Secondary Courses

Numerous secondary courses satisfy the rest of the Methods Core Area requirement. One secondary course is required and must be taken after successful completion of the prerequisite primary course.

  • EDP 380P Applied Psychometrics+++
  • EDP 380P Item Response Theory+++
  • EDP 382K Correlation & Regression*++
  • EDP 482K Experimental Design and Statistical Inference*++
  • EDP 384 Qualitative Research Methods++
  • EDP 380P Evaluation Models & Techniques++
  • EDP 384 Research Design & Methods for Psychology & Education+++

* Note: If not taken as a primary statistics course.

Pre-requisities courses:
Correlation and Regression
Fundamental Statistics
Psychometrics: Theory and Methods

Content Core Area

The following courses are approved to satisfy the Content Core Area requirement. Students must successfully complete (at least B-) one course from each list and a third course from either list.

Human Development & Social Courses

  • EDP 381M Seminar in Social Psychology
  • EDP 385 Individual through the Life Cycle
  • EDP 385 Child & Adolescent Social & Cognitive Dev.

Learning Courses

  • EDP 382L Psychology of Learning
  • EDP 382L Motivation and Emotion
  • EDP 382L Instructional Psychology
Last updated on January 27, 2014