Marie-Anne Suizzo

Marie-Anne Suizzo

Associate Professor

Human Development, Culture, & Learning Sciences


Office & Hours

Office: SZB 506A
Hours: by appointment

(512) 471-0379

(512) 471-1288

Courses of Instruction
Child and Adolescent Social and Cognitive Development
Culture, Child Development, and Education
Adolescent Development
Applied Human Learning

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Educational Psychology
1912 Speedway, Stop D5800
Austin, TX 78712-1289

Full Vita
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Dr. Marie-Anne Suizzo is primarily interested in how parent-child relationships shape children's and adolescents' development and learning across cultures and ethnic groups. Her research has focused on parental involvement, child socialization, and identity development.


B.A., Government, Georgetown University, 1981

M.A., Education, Specialization in Anthropology, Stanford University, 1987

M.Ed., Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University, 1993

Ed.D., Harvard University, Human Development and Psychology, 1997

Representative Publications

Suizzo, M. A. (In press).  Mexican American parents’ involvement in their children’s schooling. In Y. M. Caldera & E. Lindsey (Eds.), The Handbook on Mexican American Children and Families. Routledge.

Suizzo, M. A., Pahlke, E., Yarnell, L. M., Chen, K. Y., & Romero, S. (2014).  Home-based parental involvement in young children’s learning across U.S. ethnic groups: Cultural models of academic socialization. Journal of Family Issues, 35(2), 254-287.

Suizzo, M. A., Jackson, K., Pahlke, E., Marroquin, Y., & Martinez, A. (2012).  Pathways to achievement: How low-income Mexican-origin parents promote their children through school. Family Relations, 61(4), 533–547.

Pahlke, E., Bigler, R., & Suizzo, M. A. (2012).  Colorblind socialization strategies fail to prevent racial bias: Evidence from European American mothers and their preschool children. Child Development, 83(4), 1164-1179.

Cooper, C. E., Crosnoe, R., Suizzo, M. A., & Pituch, K. A. (2010).  Poverty, race, and parental involvement during the transition to elementary school. Journal of Family Issues, 31(7),859-883.

Recent Awards

Spencer Foundation Research Grant. $40,000. Awarded for period: January 1, 2008 - August 31, 2011. Project: Pathways from Parental Socialization to Children's Achievement: A Study of Resilience in Low-Income Mexican American and African American Families.

Research Grant. $5,990. The University of Texas at Austin, Office of the Vice President for Research. Awarded for period: September 1 - August 31, 2004. Project: Mothers’ Educational Beliefs and Practices: A Cross-Cultural Study of Young Children’s Home Learning Environments

Current Research Projects and Grants

Pathways from Parental Socialization to Children's Achievement: A Study of Resilience in Low-Income Mexican American and African American Families

Parental and Ethnic Group Influences on the Adjustment of Mexican American and African American College Students

Research Interests and Expertise

The research of Dr. Marie-Anne Suizzo focuses on cultural models of parenting during early childhood and adolescence, fathering and father-child relationships across cultures and ethnic groups, as well as parental academic socialization and its effects on children's and adolescents’ academic motivation and achievement, especially among at-risk youth. Dr. Suizzo is also interested in parental racial and ethnic socialization and its effects on the development of ethnic minority children. Finally, Dr. Suizzo examines parental education effects on children’s development and achievement, especially during school transitions (kindergarten, middle school, and college).