Delida Sanchez

Delida Sanchez

Assistant Professor

Counseling Psychology, Counselor Education


Office & Hours

Office: SZB 262H
Thursday: 3-4 pm or by appointment

(512) 471-0845

(512) 475-7641

Courses of Instruction
Spring 2012, EDP 381. Multicultural Counseling

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Educational Psychology
1912 Speedway, Stop D5800
Austin, TX 78712-1289


Dr. Delida Sanchez is interested in teaching and research in the area of multicultural counseling.  In addition to exploring ethnic and racial identity development, she focuses on racism and health disparities in behavioral and mental health among Black and Latino populations. Dr. Sanchez’s teaching encompasses the development of cultural competencies for working with racial, ethnic, gender and sexual minorities.


B.A., Major: Psychology, Minor: Latin American Studies, Binghamton University

Ed.M., Human Development and Psychology, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Columbia University Teachers College, 2002

Representative Publications

McQuillan, J., Greil, A., & Sanchez, D. (2014). Does fertility-specific distress vary by race? Findings from a national probability sample. Journal of Health Psychology. doi: 1359105314524970.

Sanchez, D. (2013). Racial and ego identity development in Black Caribbean college students. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education6(2), 115.

Sanchez, D. (2013). Racial identity attitudes and ego identity formation in Dominican and Puerto Rican College Students. Journal of College Student Development, 54(5), 497-510.

Sanchez, D., & Davis III, C. (2010). Becoming a racially competent therapist. In Cornish J., Schreier, B., Nadkarni, L., Metzger, L., & Rodolfa, E., (Eds.). Handbook of Multicultural Counseling Competencies. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Sanchez, D., Del Prado, A., & Davis III, C. (2010). Broaching ethnicity in therapy. In Cornish J., Schreier, B., Nadkarni, L., Metzger, L., & Rodolfa, E., (Eds.). Handbook of Multicultural Counseling Competencies. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Sanchez, D. (2010). Race matters for bilingual/bicultural children. In Soto, L. D. & Kharem, H. (Eds.). Teaching Bilingual/Bicultural Children: Teachers Talk about Language and Learning. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.

Sanchez, D., & King-Toler, E. (2007). Addressing disparities: Consultation and outreach strategies for university settings. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research59(4), 286.

Recent Awards

Faculty Fellow, University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center, 2014


  • Health Disparities Research Award Renewal, National Institutes of Health, 2013



  • Faculty Fellowship Recipient, American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education, 2010

    Current Research Projects and Grants

    Sanchez, D. The Effects of Perceived Racial Discrimination and Perceived Stress on Psychological and Behavioral Outcomes among Black and Latino Adolescents.

    Sanchez, D. A Phenomenological Examination of Gender Socialization, Sexual Stereotypes, Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors of African American and Mexican American Preadolescent Girls

    Sanchez, D. Exploring the Links Between  Ethnic Identity, Cultural Variables and Health Risk Behaviors Among Latina and African American Adolescent Girls.

    Research Interests and Expertise

    Central to Dr. Sanchez’ work is identifying and incorporating culturally-specific constructs into her research design and interventions to advance mental health and behavioral interventions for youth of color. She is currently interested in perceived racial discrimination, racial identity, risk behaviors, and mental health outcomes among Black and Latino adolescents. Her research also examines identity development, particularly regarding the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and religion among populations of color. Dr. Sanchez implements her research to improve culturally competent clinical supervision and training.