Aaron Rochlen

Aaron Rochlen

Professor & CP Program Director

Counseling Psychology, Counselor Education


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Ethics in Counseling
Practicum in Counseling
Introduction to Individual Counseling in Psychology

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The research of Dr. Aaron Rochlen has focused on men and masculinity, with a particular emphasis on men's mental health and help-seeking patterns.  Within this area, his recent research has addressed help-seeking alternatives for men, non-traditional work/career roles, as well as the unique experiences of men with depression.  Dr. Rochlen has also contributed to the academic literature documenting the negative physical and psychological consequences (e.g., depression, anxiety, relationship problems) associated with adherence to the traditional male role.

Dr. Rochlen has a secondary interest area in the use and application of technology within the practice of psychotherapy. He has co-published an instrument of attitudes toward online counseling services and has used this measure in a study addressing men’s perceptions toward online versus face-to-face counseling services. Earlier in his career, Dr. Rochlen published research in the areas of career counseling and the use of dreams in therapy.


B.A., University of Michigan, Psychology (Major) Spanish (Minor), 1992

M.A., University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Counseling Psychology, 1997

Ph.D., University of Maryland at College Park, Counseling Psychology, 2000

Representative Publications

Provence, M., Rochlen, A. B., Chester, M., & Smith, E. (2014). “Just one of the guys”: A qualitative study of gay men’s experiences in mixed-sexual orientation men’s groups. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 15(4).

Wade, C. J., & Rochlen, A. B. (2013). Masculinity, identity, and the health and well-being of African-American Men. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 14(1), 1-6.

Dunn, M. G., Rochlen, A. B., & O'Brien, K. B., (2013). Employee, mother, and partner: An exploratory investigation of working with stay at home fathers. Journal of Career Development, 40(1), 3-22.

Kearney, L. K., & Rochlen, A. B. (2012). Mexican American and Caucasian university men's experience of sexual harassment: A preliminary report. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 13(3), 264-269.

Reddick, R. J, Rochlen, A. B., Grasso, J., Reilly, E., & Spikes, D. D. (2012). Academic fathers pursuing tenure: A qualitative study of work-family conflict, coping strategies, and departmental culture.  Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 13(1), 1-15.

Rochlen, A. B., Paterniti, D. A., Epstein, R. M., Duberstein, P. R., Willeford, L. C.,  Kravitz , R. L., (2010).  Barriers in diagnosing and treating men with depression: A focus group report.  American Journal of Men’s Health, 4(2), 167-175.

Rochlen, A. B., Good, G. E., Carver, T. A., (2009).  Predictors of gender-related barriers, work, and life satisfaction among men in nursing. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 10(1), 44-56.

Rochlen, A. B., Suizzo, M., McKelley, R., & Scaringi, V. (2008). “I’m just providing for my family:” A qualitative study of stay-at-home fathers. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 9, 193-206.

Rochlen, A. B., McKelley, R., Suizzo, M., & Scaringi, V. (2008). Predictors of relationship satisfaction, psychological well-being, and life satisfaction among stay-at-home fathers. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 9(1), 17-28.

Recent Awards

Identified as most productive scholar in Psychology of Men and Masculinity over an 8 year period – Determination based on a content analysis peer-reviewed publication (Wong et al., 2010), April 2010

Identified as one of top 10 most productive scholars in Counseling Psychology – Determination based on an H-Index-based analysis presented at the American Psychological Association Conference (Goodyear et al., 2008), August 2008

Texas Blazers Faculty Excellence Award, University of Texas at Austin, May 2008

Bronze Award ($1,000) for Teaching with Technology from the Award from the UT Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment (co-coordinated with Dr. Stephanie Rude), April 2008

Nominated for UT Hamilton Book Award for Applying Counseling Theories: An online case based approach (Rochlen, 2007), February 2007

Current Research Projects and Grants

Dr. Rochlen is currently working on a number of research projects with his students that address the general topics of men and depression, fathering, and heterophobia. He is also involved in an interdisciplinary research project addressing men's potential involvement with their partner’s pre-natal health care.

Research Interests and Expertise

Broadly, Dr. Rochlen’s research examines men and masculinity. He is primarily interested in addressing depression in men, particularly as relates to men’s underutilization of counseling services. He has secondary lines of interest in non-traditional gender roles, stay-at-home fatherhood, and the implementation of technology in psychotherapy.