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Courses of Instruction
Seminar in Social Psychology: a graduate course.
Adolescent Development: an undergraduate course.

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Educational Psychology
1912 Speedway, Stop D5800
Austin, TX 78712-1289

Full Vita
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Dr. Toni Falbo’s has made substantial contributions in a variety of research topics. Most notably, Dr. Falbo is responsible for much of what is currently known about the social and psychological qualities of only children (people who grow up without siblings). In general, Dr. Falbo is interested in the long-term effects of siblings on human development, including educational attainment and health in later life.

In addition to the time she has dedicated to research, Dr. Falbo has served as a Fellow of the American Psychological Association since 1982 and a Fellow of the Society for Experimental Social Psychology since 2009. She has held the position of President of the Southwestern Psychological Association and Division 34 of the American Psychological Association.


B.A., Psychology, George Washington University, 1968

M.A., Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1969

Ph.D., Social Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1973

Representative Publications

Whittaker, T.A., Beretvas, S.N., & Falbo, T. (2014) Dyadic curve-of-factors model: An introduction and illustration of a model for longitudinal dyadic data. Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 21, 303-317.

Falbo, T. (2012). Only children: An updated review. Journal of Individual Psychology, 68(1), 38-49.

Falbo, T. (2011). Mental health and relationships of college students with no siblings. Journal of Guangxi University, 33(5), 10-14.

Falbo, T., Kim, S.H. & Chen, K. (2009). Alternate models of sibling status effects on health in later life. Developmental Psychology, 45(3), 677- 687.

Cemalcilar, Z. & Falbo,T. (2008). A longitudinal study of the adaptation of international students in the United States. Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 39, 799- 804.

Recent Awards

Newman-Proshansky Award, American Psychological Association, Division 34 (Population and Environmental Psychology), 2007

Current Research Projects and Grants

Dr. Falbo is presently examining the effects of China’s one-child policy on the personalities of Chinese children born after the implementation of this policy. Dr. Falbo is also completing a quantitative synthesis of the Chinese literature regarding psychopathology and only children.

Research Interests and Expertise

The research of Dr. Falbo is primarily focused on only children. Most broadly, she is concerned with the long-term effects of siblings on human development.

In addition to this topic, Dr. Falbo recently completed a longitudinal study of “at risk” Latino high school students in Austin, Texas. The students were followed through high school. Using data from this study, Dr. Falbo collaborated with Dr. Harriett D. Romo to write Latino High School Graduation. Both are currently engaged in a 25-year follow-up about these former students and their families to gain a deeper understanding of the enduring difficulties associated with the lack of a high school diploma.