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Throughout my tenure at UT, I have served as Professor, Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs, director of the Counseling and Mental Health Service, and administrator in charge of University Health Services. In 2006, I relinquished my administrative duties and turned my attention exclusively to my responsibilities as a member of the faculty of the Counseling Psychology program. Because of the variety of roles I have held throughout my career in psychology and at UT, my research focus has evolved and transitioned over time. My current research is focused on understanding the experiences of college students suffering from distress and, in particular, suicidal thoughts. My interest in exploring this population arises from a belief that we need to augment the current crisis-focused treatment approach in college counseling centers with a more proactive and preventative service paradigm that is capable of reducing the prevalence of suicidality among college students. My research team continues to explore data collected by the Research Consortium of Counseling Centers in Higher Education, where we received survey responses from over 26,000 participants representing 70 U.S. colleges and universities, establishing the largest dataset of in-depth college student suicidal behavior. We intend to use the results to find ways to help this population enhance resilience, decrease personal vulnerabilities, minimize encounters with traumatic events and, ultimately, fortify student's resistance to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. The role I have with my advisees is primarily supportive in the sense that I encourage my students to explore their own research interests and goals. My current advisees have interests in college student suicidality as well as health psychology, where they have joined me with my interest in integrative health care and improving access to mental health services in hospitals. Although not a primary area of focus now, in my past I have also focused extensively on group therapy processes, especially as they relate to effectiveness of theme groups. Our research team is highly collaborative when working on presentations, publications, and discussions. We seek inquisitive students who will take the initiative in leading projects and also have the desire to work with us collectively as a team. I encourage all interested applicants to contact our department and talk with current students to get a sense of the philosophy and culture of the Counseling Psychology program here at UT. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our current work and future directions we plan to take with research.