Germine Awad

Germine Awad

Assistant Professor

Human Development, Culture, & Learning Sciences


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Office: SZB 506H
Tuesday: 11-12
by appointment

(512) 471-0526

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Courses of Instruction
Psychology of Race & Racism
Psychology of Women
Psychology of Women & Gender
Literature Review & Methods
Psychology of Race, Prejudice & Stereotyping

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Educ Psychol Dept
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Austin, Texas 78712
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My scholarship is characterized by three interrelated areas of inquiry: prejudice and discrimination, identity and acculturation, and more recently, body image. In addition, due to my extensive methodological training, I have also written in the area of multicultural research methodology. The majority of my research is guided by the questions “What factors lead to discrimination against ethnic minorities?” and “What impacts perceptions of experienced discrimination?” The two populations that I have primarily focused on are Arab/Middle Eastern Americans and African Americans. Although overt discrimination towards ethnic minorities has decreased over the years, the practice of more covert, subtle forms of prejudice remains. The events of September 11, 2001, however, reintroduced more explicit forms of prejudice towards Arab/Middle Eastern Americans, and those perceived to be Muslim, complicating the dialogue on discrimination in the United States. I am concerned with how prejudicial attitudes and ideology impact attitudes towards ethnic minorities generally and within specific domains such as the workplace and higher education. In addition, I examine how racial/ethnic identity and acculturation impact ethnic minorities’ perception of discrimination. Most recently, I have expanded my identity and acculturation research to the study of African American women’s body image.


Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Ph.D., Psychology (2005)

Southern Illinois University Carbondale, M.A., Psychology (2002)

John Carroll University, B.S., Psychology (1999)

Representative Publications

Neville, H. A., Awad, G. H., *Brooks, J., *Flores, M., & *Bluemel, J. (in press). Color-Blind Racial Ideology: Theory, Training, and Measurement Implications in Psychology. The American Psychologist.

Awad, G. H., *Tran, K., *Hall, B., *Calfa, N., *Chapman-Hilliard, C., *Hess, E., &*Jackson, K. (in press). The Impact of Racial Identity and School Composition on Affirmative Action Attitudes of African American College Students. Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Diversity.

Awad, G. H., *Martinez, M. S. & Amer, M.M. (2013). Considerations for Psychotherapy with Immigrant Women of Middle Eastern/Arab Descent. Women and Therapy, 36, 163-175.

Cokley, K. O & Awad, G. H. (in press). In Defense of Quantitative Methods: Using the“Master’s Tools” to Promote Social Justice. Journal for Social Action in Counseling & Psychology.

*Lantrip, C., *Mazetti, F., *Grasso, J., *Gill, S., *Miller, J., *Haner, M., Rude, S. & Awad, G. (in press). Ethnic Identity and Acculturative Stress as Mediators of Depression in Asian American Students. Journal of College Counseling.

*Stout, M. S., Awad, G., & Guzmán, M. (2013). Exploring managers’ attitudes toward work/family programs in the private sector. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 16(3), 176-195. doi:10.1037/mgr0000005

Kashubeck-West, S., Coker, A. D., Awad, G. H., Stinson, R. D., Bledman, R., & Mintz,L. (2013). Do measures commonly used in body image research perform adequately with African American college women?. Cultural Diversity And Ethnic Minority Psychology, 19(3), 357-368. doi:10.1037/a0031905

Amer, M. M., Awad, G. H. & Hovey, J. (2012). An investigation of the CES-D Factor Structure with a Sample of Second Generation Arab-Americans. International Journal of Culture and Mental Health,1-13, iFirst. doi:10.1080/17542863.2012.693514

Patall, E. A., Awad, G. H., & Cestone, C. M. (2012). Academic Potential Beliefs and Emotions: Conceptual Development and Consequences for Academic Outcomes. Self & Identity.

Mintz, L. B., Awad, G. H., *Stinson, R. D., *Bledman, R. A., Coker, A. D., Kashubeck-West, S., & *Connelly, K. (2013). Weighing and body monitoring among college women: The scale number as an emotional barometer. Journal Of College Student Psychotherapy, 27(1), 78-91. doi:10.1080/87568225.2013.739039

Awad, G. H. (2013). Does Policy Name Matter? The Effect of Framing on theEvaluations of African American Applicants. Journal of Applied Social Psychology,43, 379-387. doi: 10.1111/jasp.12026

Brown, L. M., Awad, G. H., *Preas, E. J., *Allen, V., *Kenney, J., *Roberts, S. *Lusk, B. L. (2013). Investigating Prejudice towards Men Perceived to be Muslim: Cues of Foreignness versus Phenotype. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 43, 237-245. doi: 10.1111/jasp.12015

*Reilly, E. D., Rochlen, A. B., & Awad, G. H. (2013). Men's Self-Compassion and Self-Esteem: The Moderating Roles of Shame and Masculine Norm Adherence. Psychology Of Men & Masculinity, doi:10.1037/a0031028

Awad, G. H.(2010).  The Impact of Acculturation and Religious Identification on Perceived Discrimination for Arab/Middle Eastern Americans. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 16, 59-67.

Awad, G. H. & Hall, B. (2009). Impact of Religiosity and Right Wing Authoritarianism on Prejudice towards Middle Easterners.  Beliefs and Values:Understanding the Global Implications of Human Nature, 1(2), 183-192.

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Awad, G. H.(2007).  The Role of Racial Identity, Academic Self-concept, and Self-esteem in the prediction of academic outcomes for African American students.    Journal of Black Psychology,33,188-207.

Awad, G. H., Cokley, K. O., & Ravitch, J. (2005). Attitudes toward Affirmative action: A comparison of color-blind versus modern racist attitudes. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 35(7),1384-1399.

Awad, G. H., Sagrestano, L. M., Kittleson, M., & Sarvela, P. D. (2004).  Developmentof a measure of barriers to HIV testing among individuals at high risk.  AIDS Education and Prevention, 16, 115-125.

Recent Awards

  • Summer Research Assignment (SRA) Award, University of Texas at Austin  
  • CWGS Gilbert Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Texas at Austin
  • WCAAAS and AADS Summer Research Fellowship
  • Center for Women and Gender Studies (CWGS) Faculty Development Program Fellowship

Current Research Projects and Grants

Hogg Foundation Mental Health Research Grant (P.I.). $17,500.  Awarded for period: 6/1/2011-6/1/2012. Project: The role of acculturation, religious identification and perceived discrimination on the mental health of Arab/Middle Eastern Americans

Boards, Committees and Associations

  • Membership chair, APA, Division 45 (Division on Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology)
  • Early Career Psychologists Committee (SPSSI)
  • American Psychological Association, member
    • Division 35 (Psychology of Women)
    • Division 45 (Division for Ethnic Minority Psychology)
    • Division 17 (Counseling Psychology)
    • Division 9 (SPSSI)
    • Division 8 (SPSP)