Our department is dedicated to advancing knowledge of human behavior as it relates to education. We train our students to work as teachers, counselors, evaluators and researchers in educational environments by cultivating mastery of skills in the areas of human development and behavior, psychology of education, learning theory and research and evaluation methods.

Upcoming Calendar/Events

March 4 Doctoral Colloquium Presenter: Jenson Reiser
12 - 1 PM, SZB 268
"Investigation of Mindfullness Intervention for Teachers"
March 6 Counselor Education Interview Day
8 AM - 1 PM, SZB 262
March 9 Campus Visit Day for Admitted Graduate Students
Information here
March 11 Doctoral Colloquium Presenter: Stacey Jackson
12 - 1 PM, SZB 268
"An Examination of Race Related Stress, African Self-Consciousness, & Academic Environment as Predictors of Depression Among African American Collegians"
March 16-21 SPRING BREAK