Our department is dedicated to advancing knowledge of human behavior as it relates to education. We train our students to work as teachers, counselors, evaluators and researchers in educational environments by cultivating mastery of skills in the areas of human development and behavior, psychology of education, learning theory and research and evaluation methods.

Upcoming Calendar/Events

March 16-21 SPRING BREAK
March 25 Doctoral Colloquium Presenter: Meaghann Wheelis
12 - 1 PM, SZB 268
"Assessing Cluster Size & Mobility Limits for a 3-Level Multiple Membership Random-Effects Model"
April 1 Doctoral Colloquium Presenter: Leann Smith
12 - 1 PM, SZB 268
"An Examination of Parental & Peer Influences on Black Youths' Achievement Outcomes & Values"
April 8 Doctoral Colloquium Presenter: Amanda Wagner
12 - 1 PM, SZB 268
"Neurocognitive Subtypes of ASD"
April 8-9 40 for 40: A University-wide effort to encourage all Longhorns to rally in support of UT.
April 15 Doctoral Colloquium Presenter: Andrew Costigan
12 - 1 PM, SZB 268
"A Self-Compassion Intervention for Adolescents with Dyslexia"
April 22 Doctoral Colloquium Presenter: Ashley Boynton
12 - 1 PM, SZB 268
"Well-being & Resilience in College Students"
April 29 Doctoral Colloquium Presenter: Jackie Caemmerer
12 - 1 PM, SZB 268
"Academic Achievement & Social Skills"
May 6 Doctoral Colloquium Presenter: Leah Wang
12 - 1 PM, SZB 268
"The Role of Early Childhood Experiences & Parental Accommodation in the Context of a Child Anxiety Treatment Program"