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Undergraduate Application

Only degree-seeking students enrolled at UT Austin are eligible to apply for the UTeach Urban Teachers undergraduate certification program. If you have questions about the application process or how your major qualifies for the program, contact us at

NOTE: you should be applying for the program in the spring of your junior year at UT.

There are three steps to the application:

  1. Complete application
  2. Submit application via email for faculty admission
  3. Apply to the Professional Development Sequence (PDS)


STEP 1: Complete an application to UTeach Urban Teachers

Download the template (Microsoft Word document) and complete each section:

  • Name and EID
  • Major and year
  • GPA (minimum GPA of 3.0 in a major that relates to the content area you wish to teach)
  • Diverse Learning Environments Essay

Diverse Learning Environments Essay

Describe your understanding of the dynamics and importance of linguistically and culturally diverse learning contexts and your future role as a classroom teacher. You are encouraged to reference personal and professional experiences as well as any scholarly work that has influenced your decision to become a classroom teacher through the UTeach Urban Teachers program. Please mention what content area you would like to teach: English Language Arts or Social Studies.

STEP 2: Submit application via email and wait for admissions decision

Send an email to with the subject header “Undergraduate Applicant.” Attach the application template or include the text in the body of your email.

You should receive confirmation from program staff that your application has been processed, and you must wait to receive an admissions decision from the program before you apply to the PDS.


STEP 3: Complete an application for the Professional Development Sequence (PDS)

This application makes it possible for you to be placed in Austin and other neighboring area schools for your field experiences and includes a criminal background check. It is part of the UTDirect system and requires an EID.