Beth Maloch

Beth Maloch

Professor, Assoc. Dean of Teacher Education, Student Affairs, and Administration

Language & Literacy Studies


Office & Hours

Office: SZB 216

(512) 471-3476

(512) 475-8159

Courses of Instruction
Sociolinguistics in Research and Teaching
Classroom Discourse and Teacher Research
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods: Discourse Analysis
Reading Methods
Language Arts Methods
Reading Assessment and Development

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
1912 Speedway Stop, D5100
Austin, TX 78712-0379
UT Mail Code: D5001

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Dr. Maloch's research attends closely to the discourse of classrooms, particularly the discussion that happens around text.  Most recently, her research in this area has considered the ways informational texts are integrated into primary classrooms and how these texts are understood by young children. Dr. Maloch is the Associate Dean of Teacher Education, Student Affairs, and Administration in the College of Education, and an associate professor in Language and Literacy Studies.   She teaches undergraduate courses in literacy methods and graduate courses in classroom discourse and discourse analysis. 


Representative Publications

Maloch, B., Worthy, J., Hampton, A., Jordan, M., Hungerford-Kressler, H., & Semingson, P. (2013).   Portraits of practice:  A cross-case analysis of two first grade teachers and their grouping practices.  Research in the Teaching of English, 47 (3), 277-312.

Maloch, B., & Horsey, M. (2013). Living inquiry: Learning from and about informational texts in a second grade classroom. Reading Teacher, 66 (6), 47-57.

Maloch, B. & Zapata, A. (2012).  The social and textual practices of third graders with informational texts.  In P. Dunston, L. B. Gambrell, S.K. Fullerton, V.R. Gillis, K. Headley, & P.M. Stecker (eds), 61st Yearbook of the Literacy Research Association (pp. 307-321). Oak Creek: WI. H-Index: 25. Acceptance rate: 18%.

Maloch, B., Bomer, R., & Burke, A. (2012).  Reading the past: Policy and professionalism in the earliest pages of the journal later known asLanguage Arts. Language Arts.

Maloch, B. & Zapata, A. (2011).  “Dude, It’s the Milky Way!”: An Exploration of Students’ Approaches to Informational Text.  In P. Dunston, L. B. Gambrell, S.K. Fullerton, V.R. Gillis, K. Headley, & P.M. Stecker (eds),60th Yearbook of the Literacy Research Association, Oak Creek: WI.

Hoffman, J., Maloch, B., & Sailors, B. (2011). Researching the teaching of reading through direct observation: Tools, Methodologies, and Guidelines for the future.  In M. Kamil, P.D. Pearson, Elizabeth Moje  & P. Afflerbach (2011). Handbook of Reading Research, Vol. IV. Routledge. (Lead Chapter:  pp. 3-33).

Maloch, B. & Beutel, D. (2010) “Big loud voice – You have important things to say”: The nature of student initiations during one teacher’s interactive read-alouds.  Journal of Classroom Interaction, 45 (3), 20-29.

Maloch, B.  (2008).  Beyond exposure: The uses of informational text in a second grade classroom.  Research in the Teaching of English.  

Maloch, B., Roser, N., Martinez, M. Harmon, J. Burke, A., Duncan, D., Russell, K., & Zapata, A. (2008). An Investigation of Learning to Read and Write Fantasy.  In Y. Kim, V.J. Risko, D.L. Compton, D.K. Dickinson, M.K. Hundley, R.T. Jiménez, K.M. Leander, and D.W.  Rowe (eds).  57th Yearbook of the National Reading Conference, Oak Creek: WI.

Maloch, B. (2005).  Moments by which change is made: A cross-case exploration of teacher mediation and student participation in literacy events. Journal of Literacy Research, 37 (1), 95-142.

Maloch, B., Flint, A., Eldridge, D., Harmon, J., Loven, R., Fine, J., Bryant-Shanklin, M., & Martinez, M. (2003).  Understandings, beliefs, and reported decision-making of first-year teachers from different reading teacher preparation programs. Elementary School Journal, 103 (5), 431-457.

Maloch, B. (2002) Scaffolding student talk: One teacher’s role in literature discussion groups. Reading Research Quarterly, 37 (1), 94-112. 

Recent Awards

  • Academy of Distinguished Teachers, 2011 to present
  • Elizabeth Shatto Massey Award for Excellence in Teacher Education, 2011
  • Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award, 2010
  • Dean’s Distinguished Teaching Award, 2009
  • Alan C. Purves Award, NCTE, 2008
  • Early Career Achievement Award, National Reading Conference, 2006

Current Research Projects and Grants

Nonfiction Matters: An Investigation of the Uses of Informational Texts in Primary Classrooms

Cognitive Coaching and the Mentoring of Preservice Teachers: A Development Design Experiment (with Drs. Jim Hoffman and Melissa Mosley Wetzel)

Research Interests and Expertise

Teacher education; Literature discussion; Informational texts in primary classrooms; Classroom discourse

Boards, Committees and Organizations

  • Literacy Research Association, Board of Directors, 2009 – 2012
  • American Educational Research Association
  • International Reading Association
  • National Council of Teachers of English