Elaine Horwitz

Elaine Horwitz

Professor & FLE Graduate Advisor

Foreign Language Education


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Office: SZB 528C
Wednesday: 1:30 to 3:30
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(512) 232-4108

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The University of Texas at Austin
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1912 Speedway
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I study second language acquisition from the perspective of language leaners. I want to understand the experience of second language learning and what learners bring to the language learning process. My publications have focused on individual differences in second language acquisition including cognitive abilities, language anxiety, student belief systems, and conceptual development.  I am especially interested in English language learners, anxiety in language teachers, improving second/foreign language teaching, and language teacher education.

Some of my recent publications include:

Horwitz, E.K. Becoming a language teacher: A practical guide to second language learning and teaching, 2nd edition, Pearson, 2013.

Horwitz, E. K., Foreign and second language anxiety, Language Teaching, 2010, 43, 154-167.

Liu, M. Evans, M., Horwitz, E., Lee, S. McCrory, M., J. B. Park, and Parrish C., A Study of the Use of Language Learning Websites with Social Network Features By University ESL Students.  In M. Lamy & K. Zourou (Eds.) Social networking for language education, NY, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, in press. 

Horwitz, E. K., M. Tallon, & H. Luo, (2010). Foreign Language Anxiety, In J. Cassady (Ed.) Anxiety in Schools: The Causes, Consequences, and Solutions for Academic Anxieties. Peter Lang, 95-115.

My publications on language learning anxiety include:

Horwitz, E.K., Horwitz, M.B., and J.A. Cope, Foreign language classroom anxiety, The Modern Language Journal, 1986, 70, 125-132.

Horwitz, E.K. Preliminary evidence for the reliability and validity of a foreign language anxiety scale. TESOL Quarterly, 1986, 20, 559-562.

Steinberg, F.S. and Horwitz, E.K. The effect of induced anxiety on the denotative and interpretive content of second language speech. TESOL Quarterly, March, 1986, 20, 131-136.

Horwitz, E. K. Even Teachers Get the Blues: Recognizing and alleviating non-native teachers' feelings of foreign language anxiety. Foreign Language Annals, 1996, 29, 365-372.

Saito, Y., Horwitz, E. K., and T. J. Garza. Foreign language reading anxiety. The Modern Language Journal, 1999, 83, 202-218.

Cheng, Y.S., Horwitz, E.K., and D. L. Schallert. Language writing anxiety: Differentiating writing and speaking components. Language Learning, 1999, 49, 417-446.

Horwitz, E. K. It ain't over til it's over: On foreign language anxiety, first language deficits, and the confounding of variables, The Modern Language Journal. 2000, 84, 256-259.

Horwitz, E.K. Language anxiety and achievement, Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 2001, 21, 112-126.

Gregersen. T. and E. K. Horwitz. Language learning and perfectionism: Anxious and non-anxious language learners' reactions to their own oral performance. The Modern Language Journal, 2002, 86, 562-570.

Yan, X. and E. K. Horwitz. How anxiety interacts with other learner factors to influence language achievement: A theoretical model. Language Learning, 2008, 58, 151–183.

My publications on student and teacher beliefs about language learning include:

Horwitz, E.K. Using student beliefs about language learning and teaching in the foreign language methods course. Foreign Language Annals, 1985, 18, 333-340.

Horwitz, E.K. Surveying learner beliefs about language learning. In J. Rubin and A. Wenden (Eds.), Learner Strategies in Language Learning, Prentice-Hall, 1987, 119-129.

Horwitz, E.K. The beliefs about language learning of beginning university foreign language students. The Modern Language Journal, 1988, 72, 182-193.

Horwitz, E. K. Cultural and situational influences on foreign language learners' beliefs about language learning: A review of BALLI studies. In A. Wenden, (Ed.) special issue of System, 1999, 27, 557-576.

Horwitz, E. K. (2008). Why student beliefs about language learning matter. The evolution of the Beliefs about Language Learning Inventory. In J. Siskin (Ed.) Issues in Language Program Direction. American Assoc. of University Supervisors and Coordinators, 2-8.





Research Interests and Expertise

Foreign language anxiety, Learner beliefs about language learning, Language learning strategies