Noah De Lissovoy

Noah De Lissovoy

Associate Professor, Program area advisor for CSE

Cultural Studies in Education


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Noah De Lissovoy's research focuses on critical and emancipatory approaches to pedagogy, curriculum, and cultural studies. He is particularly interested in problems posed for educators by globalization, the intersecting effects of race, class and capital in schools and society, developing the theoretical resources for contemporary social movements, and extending and rethinking the traditions of critical pedagogy and philosophy. He is the author of Education and Emancipation in the Neoliberal Era and Power, Crisis, and Education for Liberation, and co-author of Toward a New Common School Movement. His work has also been published in many journals and edited collections, including Harvard Educational Review, Curriculum Inquiry, Race Ethnicity and Education, Journal of Education Policy, and Educational Philosophy and Theory. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. He teaches courses in sociocultural foundations of education, curriculum theory, and philosophy of education.



Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles


Representative Publications

De Lissovoy, N. (in press). Education and Emancipation in the Neoliberal Era: Being, Teaching, and Power. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

De Lissovoy, N., Means, A., & Saltman, K. (2014). Toward a New Common School Movement. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers. 

De Lissovoy, N., & Brown, A. (2013). Antiracist solidarity in critical education: Contemporary problems and possibilities. The Urban Review 45(5), 539-560. 

De Lissovoy, N. (2013). Pedagogy of the impossible: Neoliberalism and the ideology of accountability. Policy Futures in Education, 11(4), 423-435. 

De Lissovoy, N. (2012). Education and violation: Conceptualizing power, domination, and agency in the hidden curriculum. Race Ethnicity and Education, 15(4), 463-484.

De Lissovoy, N. (2011). Pedagogy in common: Democratic education in the global era. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 43(10), 1119-1134.

Brown, A., & De Lissovoy, N. (2011). Economies of racism: Grounding education policy research in the complex dialectic of race, class, and capital. Journal of Education Policy, 26(5), 595-619.

De Lissovoy, N. (2010). Rethinking education and emancipation: Being, teaching, and power. Harvard Educational Review, 80(2), 203-220.

De Lissovoy, N. (2010). Decolonial pedagogy and the ethics of the global. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 31(3), 279-293.

De Lissovoy, N. (2010). Staging the crisis: Teaching, capital, and the politics of the subject. Curriculum Inquiry, 40(3), 418-435.

De Lissovoy, N. (2009).  Toward a critical pedagogy of the global. In S. Macrine (Ed.), Critical Pedagogy in Uncertain Times:  Hope and Possibilities (pp. 189-205). New York:  Palgrave Macmillan.

De Lissovoy, N. (2008). Conceptualizing oppression in educational theory: Toward a compound standpoint. Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies, 8(1), 82-105.

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Recent Awards

  • Critics' Choice Award (2010) from the American Educational Studies Association for Power, Crisis, and Education for Liberation: Rethinking Critical Pedagogy.

Research Interests and Expertise

critical pedagogy and cultural studies; globalization, education, and social movements; race, racism, and coloniality; critical and marxist theory, curriculum studies, and feminist philosophy

Boards, Committees and Associations

  • Outstanding Dissertation Award Committee, Division B of the American Educational Research Association, 2013
  • R. Freeman Butts Distinguished Lecture Selection Committee, American Educational Studies Association, 2011
  • Co-Chair, Division G, Section 5 of the American Educational Research Association, 2008-2009
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies
  • Editorial Board Member, Capitalism Nature Socialism