Cesar Delgado

Cesar Delgado

Assistant Professor

STEM Education


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Office: SZB 462G
Thursday: 2-4 pm
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(512) 232 9682

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Courses of Instruction
EDC 365C Knowing & Learning
EDC 365D Classroom Interactions
EDC 365E Project-Based Instruction
EDC 390T Equity in Science and Mathematics Education
EDC 385G Advanced Topics: Learning Progressions and Learning Trajectories in Science and Mathematics Education

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The University of Texas at Austin
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Austin, TX 78712-1608
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My research program examines students' qualitative and quantitative ideas about magnitude: their knowledge of and ideas about the size of objects and the age of events, and how they represent these. I am also interested in the relationship between conceptual understanding and factual knowledge for key scientific themes, including size and scale and the nature of matter. I examine how secondary students gradually build more connected and factually accurate ideas, and the relationship between connectedness of knowledge and factual knowledge. I also develop and evaluate instructional materials designed to promote student learning about these themes.




PhD in Education Studies (Science Education), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2009

MS in Chemistry, University of Michigan, 2008

MA in Learning Technologies, University of Michigan, 2008


Representative Publications

Delgado, C., & Lucero, M. (in press). Scale construction for graphing: An investigation of student resources. Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Delgado, C., Stevens, S. Y., Shin, N., & Krajcik, J. S. (in press). A middle school instructional unit for size and scale contextualized in nanotechnology. Nanotechnology Reviews.

Delgado, C. (in press). Navigating tensions between conceptual and metaconceptual goals in the use of models. Journal of Science Education and Technology. Special issue on models and modeling. DOI: 10.1007/s10956-014-9495-7.

Tang, K., Delgado, C., & Moje, E. (2014). An integrative framework for the analysis of multiple and multimodal representations for science meaning-making in science education. Science Education 98(2), 305-326.

Delgado, C. (2014). Collective landmarks for deep time: A new tool for evolution education. Journal of Biological Education 48(3), 133-141.

Delgado, C. (2013). Cross-cultural study of understanding of scale and measurement: Does the everyday use of US customary units disadvantage US students? International Journal of Science Education 35 (7-8), 1277-1298.

Delgado, C.  (2013). Navigating deep time: Landmarks for time from the Big Bang to the present. Journal of Geoscience Education 61(1), 102-112.

Stevens, S., Delgado, C., & Krajcik, J. (2010). Developing a hypothetical multi-dimensional learning progression for the nature of matter. Journal of Research in Science Teaching 47(6), 687-715. 




Recent Awards

  • 2012. Early Career Workshop. International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Sydney, Australia.
  • 2010. Summer Research Assignment. University of Texas at Austin
  • 2004-2009. Scholar's Award Fellowship. School of Education, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
  • June 2008. Doctoral Consortium, International Conference of the Learning Sciences. Utrecht, Holland
  • June 2007. Equity Scholar Award. National Association for Research in Science Teaching, Baltimore, MD

Current Research Projects and Grants

Cross-cultural comparison of metric-native and English unit-native middle and high school students' conceptions of size and scale.

Undergraduates’ Knowledge of Scales of Space and Time.

Middle School Students' Understanding of Size and Scale.


Boards, Committees and Associations

  • Member, National Association of Research in Science Teaching
  • Member, International Conference of the Learning Sciences
  • Member, University of Texas at Austin Education Policy Committee
  • Member, American Educational Research Association
  • Member, NanoHUB Education Advisory Committee
  • Member, University of Texas at Austin Academic Integrity and Information Technology Committee
  • Member, Standing Committee on Programs and Courses, Department of Curriculum and Instruction