Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown

Associate Professor

Cultural Studies in Education, Social Studies Education


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Curriculum Vitae



Anthony Brown's research focuses on historical and contemporary issues and discourses concerning African American students in schools and society.

Anthony Brown is Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction in Social Studies Education. He also is an affiliated faculty in the areas of cultural studies in education, the John Warfield Center of African and African American studies and the Department of African and African Diaspora Studies.  He received his B.A and M.A. in political science from California State University-Long Beach and received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His research agenda falls into two interconnected strands of research, related broadly to the education of African Americans. His first strand of research examines how educational stakeholders make sense of and respond to the educational needs of African American male students. The second strand examines how school curriculum depicts the historical experiences of African Americans in official school knowledge (e.g. standards and textbooks) and within popular discourse.

Overall, his work pursues a theoretical argument, which suggests that the examination of the historical and racial constructions of African Americans within the social sciences, educational literature, popular discourse and curriculum is vital to making sense of how questions are raised and how educational and curricular reforms are pursued for African American students in the present. His work has been published in Teachers College Record, Harvard Educational Review, Race Ethnicity and Education and the Journal of Educational Policy.

Professor Brown is the recipient of numerous awards, including: Texas Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award and the AERA Division B, 2016 Outstanding Book Award.





Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Wisconsin Madison School of Education, Madison, WI, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Concentration: Multicultural Education and Urban Education (2006).


Representative Publications

Curriculum Studies and Social Theory

Au, Wayne, Brown, A.L. & Calderon, Lola, (2016) Reclaiming the Multicultural Roots of the U.S. Curriculum: Communities of Color and Official Knowledge in Education. New York: Teacher College Press. 

Grant, C. A., Brown, K. D. & Brown, A. L. (2015) Black Intellectual Thought in Education: The Missing Traditions of Anna Julia Cooper, Carter G. Woodson and Alain Locke. NY: Routledge.

Brown, A.L. & Au, W. (2014) Race, Memory and Master Narratives: A Critical Essay on U.S. Curriculum History. Curriculum Inquiry, 44 (3), 358-389.


African American Males

Brown, A.L. & Johnson, M.J. (2014). Blackness enclosed: Understanding the Trayvon Martin incident through the long history of Black male imagery. In V. Evans-Winters & M. Bethune (Eds.), Re (teaching) Trayvon: Education for Racial Justice and Human Freedom. Boston, MA: Sense Publishers.

Brown, A.L. (2012). On Human Kinds and Role Models:  A Critical Discussion about the African American male teacher. Educational Studies, 48 (3), 296-315.


Recent Awards

  • 2016 Outstanding Book Award: The American Educational Research Association, Division B
  • 2011 Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award: University of Texas Regents
  • 2011 Early Career Award: American Educational Research Association (AERA): Division G: Social Context of Education