Rebecca Callahan

Rebecca Callahan

Associate Professor / Program Advisor for BBE

Bilingual/Bicultural Education, Cultural Studies in Education


 Office & Hours

 Office: SZB 440G

(512) 471-8347 or (512) 232-4149

(512) 471-8460

Courses of Instruction
Languages and Literacies (ALD 329)
Language Policy in Education (EDC 385G)
Immigration Theory in Education (EDC 385G)
Evaluation in Language Education (EDC 385G)

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Curriculum and Instruction
1 University Station
Austin, TX 78712-0379
UT Mail Code: D5700

Full Vita
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Dr. Callahan's primary research interests center on the academic preparation of immigrant, language minority adolescents as they transition from high school into young adulthood. She is presently involved in several research projects which explore the effects of school context, social and academic processes, and teachers' pedagogical practices on the academic and civic development of language minority students, as well as students identified with learning disabilities. Recent publications have focused on the effects of English as a second language (ESL) placement on college preparatory achievement outcomes among language minority adolescents; primary language use and college-going among language minority students; and school context and academic preparation on the political participation of immigrant young adults. Her recently published work appears in American Educational Research Journal, Educational Policy, Social Science Quarterly, Theory and Research in Social Education, and the Bilingual Research Journal. Dr. Callahan is also a Faculty Research Affiliate with the Population Research Center, Education in the Transition to Adulthood Group.




Ph.D., University of California at Davis, 2003


Representative Publications

Callahan, R.M. & Gándara, P.C. (Eds.). (2014). The Bilingual Advantage: Language, Literacy, and the U.S. Labor Market. Multilingual Matters: Clevedon, U.K

Callahan, R.M., & Muller, C. (2013). Coming of Political Age: American Schools and the Civic Development of Immigrant Youth. Russell Sage Foundation: New York, NY

Callahan, R.M. & Obenchain, K.M. (2012). Finding a civic voice: Latino immigrant youths’ experiences in high school social studies. The High School Journal, 96(1), 20-32

Callahan, R.M., Wilkinson, L., & Muller, C. (2010). Academic achievement and course taking in U.S. schools: Effects of ESL placement among language minority students. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 32(1), 84-117

Callahan, R.M. (2009). Latino college-going: Adolescent boys' language use and girls' social integration. Bilingual Research Journal 31(1-2), 175-200.

Callahan, R.M. (2005). Tracking and high school English learners: Limiting opportunity to learn. American Educational Research Journal 42 (2), 305-328.

Recent Awards

  • 2011 Early Career Award Bilingual Education Special Interest Group (SIG) American Educational Research Association

Research Interests and Expertise

Bilingual Education, immigrant adolescents' academic preparation, language minority students and students identified with learning disabilities in the STEM pipeline, language policy in education, immigrant adolescents' civic development, the transition to young adulthood among immigrants.

Boards, Committees and Associations

  • 2011-2013       Committee on Fellowships and Other Awards: Department of Curriculum & Instruction
  • 2012-2014       UT Austin University-wide Student Life and Activities Committee, UT Faculty Council
  • 2011-present   Member ELL Assessment Focus Group Committee Texas Education Association (TEA)