Certification Checklist and Timeline for New Graduates


The University of Texas at Austin College of Education “recommends” teacher certifications to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) after all of the following occur:

  • You complete a Teacher Certification Information card. Available in SZB 216.
  • You pass all of the required certification exams.
  • You complete the Certification Application on the TEA Website.
  • You successfully complete student teaching.
  • UT-Austin posts your bachelor's degree to your transcript.

Timeline for Spring and Summer 2013 Graduates

  1. UT-Austin posts:
    • Spring 2013 degrees on May 28, 2013.
    • Summer 2013 degrees on September 3, 2013.
  2. Within approximately five business days, the College of Education recommends certifications to the TEA.
  3. Within three to five days of receiving our recommendations, the TEA posts certifications online.
  4. You can access your certification on the TEA Certificate Lookup Website.
  5. Finally, you should:
    • Update your resume and employment applications if you are searching for employment.
    • Notify your employer if you already have a job.


Have you been fingerprinted?

Fingerprinting for student teaching and substitute teaching is NOT sufficient for certification.

For information about fingerprinting contact the TEA.

To locate digital fingerprinting services in Texas contact the TEA.

Last updated on June 3, 2013