Vision Awards

The Vision Awards is a competitive award program that provides support for the development of visionary technologies that enrich College of Education instruction. Faculty who apply for and receive a Vision Award get expert support from the Learning Technology Center’s Vision Studio for Web design, application development, and multimedia production to implement innovative learning technologies in their courses. Through the development process, faculty increase their own technology skills and enrich the content and delivery of their courses.

The program began in 2003 with Information Technology Advisory Committee funding, and in the years since has completed many projects, such as a Web-based database for lesson plans aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and an online video resource to demonstrate volleyball skills. The sophistication of projects has increased during this time, but the focus remains on enhancing teaching and learning in the College of Education.

Requests for proposals are usually announced about once a year on this Web page, the College’s main Web site, and by e-mail sent to all faculty. Please see the links at left for more information on proposals, current and past projects, and the Vision Studio staff.

Last updated on March 8, 2013