Projects and Partnerships

The Learning Technology Center, under the direction of Paul E. Resta, has received a number of grants to explore the use of technology to improve education and learning.

The Learning Technology Center received a grant in 2005 from the National Endowment for the Humanities and worked with the Presidential Libraries to develop a Web-based “Presidential Timeline” that provides the public access to digitized presidential artifacts. Other projects, such as the Technology Leadership Academy and Project INSITE, promoted the integration of technology into teacher education or focused on computer-supported collaborative learning and the use of telecommunications and multimedia to enhance learning opportunities in rural areas.

The LTC has also been involved in a number of technology initiatives and activities with local and state agencies and has helped plan and present major conferences on technology in education. In 2009, the LTC partnered with the Promethean Foundation to host the invitational summit “Redefining Teacher Education for Digital Age Learners” that brought together policymakers in education to make recommendations on improving teacher education to meet the challenges of the future. In 2010, the report of the summit was released and presented to Congress.

The LTC also works with COE faculty to explore the use of new technologies to benefit learning within the College. The LTC piloted the use of pen-enabled Android tablets in courses to see how their unique capabilities can improve literacy assessments of young children. Faculty worked with LTC staff as part of an iPad Working Group to explore the possibilities of iPad use in instruction. And the LTC led the College’s efforts to pilot the use of Google Apps for Education in courses, to help the university consider its campus-wide use.

The LTC helps the College implement its technology goals by ensuring that the projects in the annual College of Education Technology  Plan are carried out. The plan is developed by the College of Education Technology Planning Committee, which includes faculty representatives from each of the departments, undergraduate and graduate student representatives, and the director and several staff members of the Learning Technology Center.

Last updated on May 21, 2013