Creative Rhythms


All dance steps in all forms of dance are based upon one or more combinations or stylizations of the following.
  • Walk/Step: transference of weight from one foot to the other
  • Run: same as walk except the body leaves the ground between weight changes
  • Leap: same as run except the body is suspended in air between weight changes
  • Hop: leaving the floor from one or two feet and landing on one foot
  • Jump: leaving the floor and landing on both feet

These are combinations of the above locomotor movements.
Cherkessiya Steps or Leaps Forward Back Back Forward Duple Even
Gallop Leap & Step Leap Close Duple Uneven
Grapevine Steps & Kick Side Cross Side Kick Duple Even
Mazurka Steps & Hop Step Step Hop Triple Even
Polka Hop & Step (Hop) Step Close Step Duple Uneven
Schottische Run & Hop Run Run Run Hop Duple Even
Skip Step Hop Hop Step or Step Hop Duple Uneven
Slide Steps Step (or Leap) Close Duple Uneven
Triplet Runs Run Run Run Triple Even
Two Step Steps Step Close Step (QQS) Duple Uneven
Waltz Steps Step Step Step Triple Even
Yemenite Steps Side Side Cross Duple Uneven

BASIS: The dance movement is based upon this/these movement(s).

CUE: This is one method of cueing the movement. The bold cue receives the accent.

RHYTHM: One must be able to hear the underlying beats. There will be either TWO or FOUR beats (duple time) or THREE beats (triple time). It is unnecessary to determine the difference between 2/4 and 4/4, or 3/4 and 6/8. You must only hear measures of 2, 3, or 4 beats per measure. Listen to the bass or percussive instrument. They easily tell you the rhythm and tempo.

The element that makes each of the above movements unique is their music, style, rhythm and/or the accent. In addition to being either duple or triple time, all of these movements are either EVEN rhythm or UNEVEN rhythm.

TEMPO: This is the relative speed of the music. Some dance music directions will specify beats per minute (BPM), the number of underlying beats (generally quarter notes) that occur in one minute of music.

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