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The Department of Kinesiology and Health Education offers a Bachelor's of Science in Athletic Training (BSAT) for students interested in pursuing a career in athletic training or continuing their education in other healthcare professions.

The athletic training major, also known as the Athletic Training Program (AT Program), is designed to prepare students for a career as an Athletic Trainer. Athletic Trainers are allied health care professionals that specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses to athletes and those engaged in physical activity. The AT Program is also appropriate for students interested in continuing their education in medicine, sports medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or other allied health care professions.

The UT AT Program is designed to encompass four years of undergraduate education. One year is spent in the Directed Observation Program (D.O.P.) with the three remaining years spent completing the AT Program. Upon completion of the D.O.P, pre-athletic training students apply for admission to the AT Program. Admission to the AT Program is based on a competitive admissions process.

Once accepted to the Athletic Training Program, students will begin their formal clinical education by being assigned to a Preceptor who will oversee the student’s clinical education experience. The clinical education component supplements the students’ didactic coursework. The clinical education component involves students obtaining “real world”, hands-on experience while interacting with patients under the direction and supervision of a Preceptor. Essentially, students will be able to practice, develop, and perfect the skills and knowledge that they obtain in the classroom and laboratory settings while interacting with actual patients. In order to obtain a variety of clinical experiences, students are placed with clinical instructors in one or more of the following settings: UT Athletics, area high schools, area physicians’ offices, professional sports organizations, and smaller colleges and universities.

While engaged in the clinical education component, students are required to demonstrate their ability to complete a set of clinical proficiencies. The clinical proficiencies are considered “the common set of skills that entry level athletic trainers should posses.” Completion of the clinical proficiencies requires the student to synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills that they have obtained in the classroom in a real world setting, under the guidance and supervision of a credentialed Preceptor, while interacting with actual patients.

Students must complete all of the required coursework as well as the clinical education components of the AT Program in order to complete the requirements for the BSAT and to sit for the BOC and / or state licensure examinations.

Students must apply to the Athletic Training Program. The AT Program limits the number of students accepted based on a competitive admissions process**.

**See Application Information